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  1. Its the wifes 50th tomorrow and she is praying she cant get the car off the drive. Reading all the info I cant see this happening. Any thoughts or opinions on Bradford? We were in Queensbury where we may have been ok but moved last week to Clayton Bradford around 180 mtrs above sea level. Ta 🙂
  2. Its coming down thick and heavy in queensbury. Started 20 min ago.
  3. Still snowing lightly but managed just shy of 20cm in parts. Great day 🙂
  4. We are somewhere near 10cm now Kasim in around 3 hours 😱 snow is heavier now than ever and no signs of stopping. 20210114_104455.mp4
  5. What a difference an hour makes...still hammering down.
  6. This is 30 min after the ice pellets stopped. Its snowing hard.
  7. Started coming down as ice pellets and snow here at Mountain, Queensbury about an hour ago. We are around 350m above. Its steadily turned to snow and is covering nicely. Be interesting to see just how much we get 🤔🙏
  8. We are about as high as it gets in West Yorks at Mountain and nothing but rain. Its not cold enough for snow here. Hopefully it changes overnight but its so wet it will need a big change for it to settle now. Its soggy out!!
  9. Brilliant post. I love that you have name dropped Queensbury mate. I live at Mountain which is Queensburys highest point. Hopefully we get a right pasting. 🙂
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