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  1. Just watched ITV local weather forecast, said there will be snow showers pushing up this evening
  2. Dont tell me you wanting good weather now Sausage ? We have arranged all this snow just for you
  3. http://glossop.online/traffic/ This shows over Pennines all routes inc M62 updates frequently
  4. https://twitter.com/metoffice/status/968989397508067328
  5. You get rid of 2 kids off to Uni so no freezing to death now a days playing around in the snow....then the dogs decide they love snow and need a pee every 30 minutes
  6. Thats my feeling too. But wanted confirmation...the question will it wont it ? Its a work trip so you just dont try quite as hard to make it
  7. Guys can I have your help.... friend supposed to be flying to Belfast Friday morning. Does she book the flight ?
  8. Just started again here...looks like we may get a bit according to the radar.
  9. I have a small wall that Ive been protecting like a goal keeper from the dogs, thats my untouched snow measuring area ...am I losing the plot ??
  10. Im busy filling in the dogs paw prints in the snow !! They ruined it, my lovely blanket of snow
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