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  1. It troubles me a little that many people think we are genuinely an arctic country and should be shovelling snow out every day of the winter.. it baffles me.. we are a mild country, albeit with natural variation.. but Britain isn't a snowy country.. we are not supposed to be iced up..

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    2. Aaron


      True, but neither are likely, but it does depend on where you live. Braemar's record low of -27.2C in February is 25.8C lower than its average low, while Kew's record high of 38.1C is 14.9C higher than its average high in August, so a heatwave would be far more common in London, but very cold weather would be more common in Braemar. I'm sure the same holds true for somewhere like Portsmouth or Shap.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Sea temps look pretty average to me?


      Agree with what your status says though..

      UK weather usually holds some interest for me (especially relative to the last few days!)

    4. SP1986


      Those prolonged cold spells usually cool the sea surface temperatures down, albeit slowly, although technically if you have an exceptionally cold southeasterly flow, moderation is going to be fairly lacking in terms of influence. It's amazing how the North sea does modify things, even for a relatively small sea. That said we don't usually severe surface temperatures unless there is snow on the ground, so you can never really tell how cold it will be until we know the situation regardi...

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