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  1. In the unlikely event you want respite from the heat and the storms, make your way up to Nothwest England.

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    2. IanR


      the bbc keep saying 29c on their forecasts,jokers, one the most overhyped spells of weather I have known, god help them if it was 1976 again

    3. StormChaser


      Not, its 29oC here in oxfordshire!

    4. IanR


      only 24c here

  2. I do think the ECM will come closer to the final outcome as things currently stand. I think the GFS is hanging onto its repertoire.. but then how many times have we seen that, and note that it comes running back to the ECM idea.

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      ECM does seem the most consistent at the moment

  3. I'd take June 2012 over the rubbish were getting next week onwards... at least June 2012 had some decent mean temperatures. (np

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    2. SP1986


      ps some of these comments are bordering on personal insults, so cut it out please.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      June 2012 was the worst month of that summer for me, some decent warm days in July and August

    4. StretfordEnd1996


      I don't think I have ever experienced a June worse than the one in 2012, and when you have as much precipitation as we experienced, I think the temperature is completely irrelevant. Mind, this June is going to be no wash out.

  4. Quite a benign late Autumn/early winter on the way it would seem?

    1. SP1986


      Certainly is lively here tonight with these showers and temperature fluctuations!

    2. Scorcher


      You having showers there SP? Very dry and clear in the Manchester area. And yes it looks very benign, hopefully we will get some more sunshine.

    3. SP1986


      occasional showers, mostly rain, some mixed hail. I suspect they will come in bands, maybe some wintriness later. I suspect one or two may make it inland though wind direction doesn't support it.

      Sunshine looks likely at some point, unless we end up getting low cloud inversion type weather.

  5. many people are saying about the cold, but what about the dryness? only 1mm of rain this April, only 1 day where it's rained... that's exceptional for April!

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    2. Mapantz


      61mm down here, the year so far has been 2.5 times wetter than this time last year. :s

    3. CanadianCoops


      Nature has a habot of rebalancing. Expect a wet summer....

    4. CanadianCoops
  6. Does anyone remember the day of old when the GFS was called MRF?

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    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      yeah, the same letters ive noticed on tendulkar's cricket bat

    3. Bobby


      the furthest back I can remember is Bill Farkin and his Grebes on BBC Snow Watch

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      It changed to MRF just after I joined- I recall that it had another branch called the AVN. I vaguely recall the AVN generally showing mild runs and the MRF showing snowy ones, though that might just be selective memory!

  7. It troubles me a little that many people think we are genuinely an arctic country and should be shovelling snow out every day of the winter.. it baffles me.. we are a mild country, albeit with natural variation.. but Britain isn't a snowy country.. we are not supposed to be iced up..

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    2. Aaron


      True, but neither are likely, but it does depend on where you live. Braemar's record low of -27.2C in February is 25.8C lower than its average low, while Kew's record high of 38.1C is 14.9C higher than its average high in August, so a heatwave would be far more common in London, but very cold weather would be more common in Braemar. I'm sure the same holds true for somewhere like Portsmouth or Shap.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Sea temps look pretty average to me?


      Agree with what your status says though..

      UK weather usually holds some interest for me (especially relative to the last few days!)

    4. SP1986


      Those prolonged cold spells usually cool the sea surface temperatures down, albeit slowly, although technically if you have an exceptionally cold southeasterly flow, moderation is going to be fairly lacking in terms of influence. It's amazing how the North sea does modify things, even for a relatively small sea. That said we don't usually severe surface temperatures unless there is snow on the ground, so you can never really tell how cold it will be until we know the situation regardi...

  8. GFS temperature prediction have just completely lost it now. Ive never known them to be so poor.



      When?At 1800 it said 9 degrees,it was actually 8 degrees,not too bad?

    2. SP1986


      generally, they change every 6 hours, at point blank range (within 24 hours). For this area for example it had -2C for tomorrow night, now it has +3C.. then it comes up with bizarre ideas that it will be near 0C in the day when there is no rainfall to suggest any evaporative cooling. It's not that the predictions are wrong everywhere, but there are localised pools where they are always wrong, I can name some.. one is near NW Cheshire, one is near Hull and one is near Bristol. In these are...

  9. GFS still suggesting -5C tomorrow night, I wonder when it'll back down.. seems a little silly given how long the days are becoming!!

    1. Eugene


      Well cant see it being that cold in urban areas tonight but certainly in the countryside, temps near 0C more likely in urban areas, also dont forget ground frost isnt unknown in the first week of June so its not silly at all in late April

  10. Maybe unlucky, but coastal parts of northwest England have historically failed to do well unless very lucky! (breakdown events in the right place

    1. Backtrack


      We WILL do well. Think positive. The air is too cold to be modified by the Irish Sea, and we will see the brunt of this snowfall. We WILL!

  11. 23C at the moment, thatll be the higher temperature for perhaps as much as 2-3 weeks now :-(

  12. end of the warm spell here but no bang unfortunately!

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