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  1. An ex storm is heading towards us now. Here we don't get storms unless they from the west or northwest.. Its all about orographic uplift for the storms over Wales at current. Here heavy rain due but lightning or thunder unlikely
  2. And it would appear to have died (the Thunder). Storms are as rare as snow here literally.
  3. Storms approaching with eerie gunshot thunder in the distance. Now of course it could be orographic and die before it gets here (as usual). We will see
  4. They're not even surviving up to me. I don't think it's possible unless a storm develops overhead which is very rare.
  5. I just heard gunshot thunder in the distance. That will have woken someone up in Wales
  6. Unfortunately it seems impossible to get overhead thunder these days. It either always goes east or dies off just before reaching our area!
  7. Was woken up by lightning just before and distant rumbles of thunder. Unfortunately as is often the case the storm has died before reaching here.
  8. Big rain showers this morning. Rain bouncing off the ground but no thunder of course.
  9. Nothing here all day aside from light rain at 3pm. It must truly be one of the least stormy places in the UK without question.
  10. As predicted nothing here.. In fact aside from a light shower around 3 nothing at all.
  11. Still nothing. By the time a shower comes it runs out of fuel. The best time and direction for storms is westerly in the winter
  12. I can see a shower to the southeast.. but it looks to be weakening as it travels up the peninsula. It may maintain to the south though.
  13. 100% cloudy here now.. looks overcast actually in the lower elevations.. not much form in the clouds.
  14. looking at the radar, the Wirral is yet again acting as a storm killer. Ive seen two cells which were developing quite strongly, die completely as soon as they hit the peninsula. It is, unfortunately an all too frequent occurrence if you like storms. I'm on the verge of giving up for storms this year, as I know exactly what will happen today, given my locations history. As I've said in the past, conditions have to be *extremely* unstable to deliver any thundery activity here, and this time appears to be no different from most others. (if you think that's overly pessimistic, come here and you'll see exactly what I mean )
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