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  1. My building is old and creaking... It's not good. Lots of damage from this I imagine.. I've heard few loud cracks and bangs .. it's very exposed here too to the west/southwest
  2. No sleet here but the wind is really blowing. No doubt there will be a few trees down
  3. 1.8C now and rising fast. Dewpoint also just above 0C so likely rain here
  4. Currently 0.0C exactly after a minimum of -0.9C
  5. -0.3C .. still a surprising amount of breeze out there.. it seems predominantly southwesterly now.
  6. Still +1.0C here with a slight breeze off the estuary
  7. Don't underestimate how quickly the temperature can drop.. in 2010 the temperature dropped from -3 to -10C in 3 hours. The fastest drop and the lowest tenperature recorded. It's going to be very cold indeed
  8. Isn't the wind off the sea tonight though? Only forecast -1 here tonight edit just seen the forecast and the wind goes 0 until around 3am
  9. Minimum here was -1.4C .. quite a difference
  10. Over snowfields across the country it's going to get seriously cold tonight.. possibly widespread -7 to -9 down south. Up here probably about -6 in parts
  11. There could be some seriously low minimas tonight in your areas.. where snow has settled -7 widespread I reckon
  12. as mentioned above that frontal system has stayed well south of where it was supposed to be, the pivot is less pronounced or not happening at all much.. so this has big influences on the type of temperatures and severity of frost, that people will get in the morning.
  13. temperature plummeting, an extremely cold night ahead.. already -2C, and with skies clearing from the north, after catching a little of that high cloud from the pivoting front, I think perhaps a -5 to -7C here by morning if the sky clears properly.
  14. This is going to cause a lot of pain but.. this wasn't forecast in Cornwall... https://newquayactivitycentre.co.uk/towan-beach-newquay-webcam/
  15. Ice day failed. 0.3C now.