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  1. It is looking unlikely those who are to the north of this rainband will see any storm activity now (wrong time of day etc etc) .. however it should liven back up with daytime heating further north?
  2. The prospect for the south of the region seem to be waning I suspect.. due to the unfortunate timing of arrival at the coldest time of the day. I suspect further east may get a few rumbles but here in the west it will be just rainfall. Further north could be one to watch however as heating over the course of the day may build up energy again.. so watch out Cumbria?
  3. I thought that too.. it has the feel of a thunder day in May. We had a heavy downpour here
  4. To be fair the mountain forecasts said snow would only fall above 5-600m so Im not surprised. Even Moel Famau might miss the snow.
  5. Indeed, it's raining even above 4-500m in North Wales at the moment.
  6. ah yes I forget about the water tower... actually a reservoir still exists, but it's on the opposite side to the mobile phone transmitter. strong winds and heavy rain now.
  7. Poll hill mobile transmitter Heswall
  8. The wind has picked up very quickly and it has become a lot milder so no chance of snow !
  9. I'm currently standing 111m above sea level at the highest point in Wirral and it's all rain
  10. The rain has arrived here, it is heavy but there is also melted sleetiness on the window, so it bodes well for those higher up.
  11. Significantly drier back here in Heswall. Not many puddles and singing birds too... weird!
  12. Extremely heavy ice pellets in Liverpool city centre
  13. Very heavy rain in Liverpool with localised flooding
  14. To where? Oldham isn't exactly the worst place in the country for snow