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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Fridays low looks intense too, winding up pretty fericiously on the GFS. Interesting times at the moment from meteorological perspective.
  2. Pretty average storm and were used to wind damage here. Theres another storm heading this way on Friday.. it seems the seas around us are good for storm development at the moment
  3. sunny start to the day reaching 20.9C.. since then it clouded over and it's currently 18.7C.
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    As soon as the storm develops into a system of fronts it is no longer a 'Hurricane'. However I suspect it will still contain tropical sourced air around the core even as it hits Ireland. That would make Shroedingers cat even more confused.
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    I think the novel thing will be that it will feel very different from your usual storm if you reside on the eastern side of it.. it will feel decidedly muggy and warm. So although not a Hurricane, it will still contain some remnant tropical air both around the core, and being wrapped around the broad eastern flank. Fascinating stuff!
  6. It was supposrd to peak at 3am but actually its at its strongest now.. even so only gusts up to 45mph
  7. Wind is picking up now.. getting gusts around 35mph
  8. Serious band of torrential rain moving towards us here
  9. Is this a recent development? I noticed how model such as the GFS were bringing the centre of the low pressure over the northern extent of the amber area originally
  10. First storm of interest this late season. It looks like there will be up to 70mph gusts possible in southern coastal parts of our region and potential on hills too as per the latest Met office amber warning for the region http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?region=nw&date=2017-09-13
  11. Storms as predicted have died out over here just giving a brief shower of rain. It's looking like it'll be the 5th year in a row without a proper thunderstorm. It simply technically very difficult to get storms to initiate here even in favourable conditions
  12. Those storms are just going to miss here.. frustrated does not come close.. but it's pretty normal for us to miss them. Maybe next year (again)
  13. Those storms will miss Wirral it seems but Southport and Blackpool could be into something later
  14. You can see how little hope there is for storms here.. which is not surprising. However there is a possibility that a few will see something later this afternoon. It hinges on this low cloud moving away though which isn't guaranteed. I have to work at the botanic gardens today and it's a choice whether to take waterproofs or not. I think I'll leave them and just use shorts and t shirt as I'm not convinced we will get anything here.
  15. Fascinating to see how the evening has unravelled. Lots going on down south. Very impressive with the cell west of Norfolk which keeps on giving Alas it's too far north here to benefit, as the storms will die out by the time they reach here, due to diurnal cooling. Enjoy your storms, those who get them!