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  1. We didnt get overhead storms.. they continually died before they got here due to a lack of energy here. However it's a good job I have a top floor with a good view.. I managed to catch some lightning.
  2. check out the radar, look as it moves north.. as soon as it hits a line from west and north of Chester the showers instantly die out. I'm going to call this one a night, as I know im wasting my time with this one. Those who are currently experiencing stuff, enjoy, and I hope everyone gets something tonight.
  3. There's some mammatus clouds above .. the thunder is so near yet so far.. quite frustrating but some spectacular cloud formations
  4. nice cell to the southeast there, I can here very distant rumbling from it, it's quite constant. Lots of activity developing. Looks like it's going to be a good evening for you guys in Cheshire and Lancashire.
  5. light rain from a decaying cell, which I think is curtains for us here. I was quite optimistic about today, because the potential is there, but the CAPE isnt here on the coast (as per the GFS forecasts). It's turned increasingly cool now, currently 19C.. so I think again fog is not out of the question. I think further east is where needs watching.. even the stuff over Wales is struggling to ignite. A line east of Helsby to Lancaster I think is where the best storms will be, along with a line south of say Whitchurch.
  6. To get storms here we need them to develop locally.. they simply won't survive the journey up from their starting point otherwise.
  7. could be any one of those I suppose though I'd be hearing the stuff to the west.. which I'm not, so it must be from the east. It looks like we might just miss out on the current showers, but there is the rest of the evening, which more showers developing to the south, we might hear a topographically influenced storms from Wales maybe. One things for sure it's really developed quite rapidly.
  8. I wonder where that's from.. The cell to the southwest of us seems inactive at the moment, could be the Wigan cell I suppose as I could hear thunder from the cell that moved over Cheshire and Lancs last night.
  9. yes I suspect what I thought initially might be true.. the CAPE by the coast has been dissolved by sea breezes. The cloud to the southwest refuses to produce any thunder/lightning. So I think this might be an inland job.
  10. I think I just heard a distance rumble... ok maybe that cell is firing off somewhere south of Hawarden. Ill keep udated.
  11. Im in sight of a beefy shower moving up from east Wales.... however.. it is not electrified for some reason. Ive stood watching it for the last 10 minutes and its just a rain shower it would seem. It looks menacing all the same but not producing. I can only presume there is a deficit of CAPE here near the coast (was forecast to be fair) which is quickly killing any storms. I would definitely heard the thunder by now at this range no doubt. Its still early though.
  12. 25C here currently .. so as long as the sea breeze stays away and the showers actually materialise , should hit 30C today and break the cap
  13. epic storm activity for the past 3 hours or so.. still flashing away now as it moves northwards. Ive not seen such frequent long lasting lightning.. ever. The thunder was more audible here, and some loud thunder near the back end of the MCS
  14. another storm incoming.. lightning every second, and rumbling all around.
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