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  1. Here are some photos from today in Wirral.
  2. West Wirral did not fair well from this storm at all. I'll post photos in a while
  3. Im on a walk aroundand saw a tree snapped in twain
  4. Pigs might fly afterall! and Baribusas, Giraffes, Lions, and Meerkats.
  5. It would be interesting to be stood on the top of the dunes of Ainsdale right now.
  6. getting worse here now somehow.
  7. A troop of fire engines, police and ambulances have just gone past here... cannot be a good sign!
  8. Just had the strongest wind gust of the day.. my window frame sounds like its under threat. Building is shaking.
  9. Im honestly thinking of going on a bike ride down the wirral way... stupid idea?
  10. Oh this is insane and it's not peaked yet!
  11. This is impressive I can hear the roof slates on top rattling and the building is shaking. Gusts are about 60-65mph at current. I wouldn't like to be in the radio city tower right now
  12. Oh wow extreme gusts here... looks like a tropical storm with the rain blowing horizontally
  13. Wind is picking up more significantly here now. Building in in is starting to creak. i just waiting for this rain to pass