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  1. A very poor day really.. cold, with constant rain... no thunderstorms and temperatures a good 10 degrees lower than forecast. A pretty autumnal day, and not forecast this way at all. Tomorrow will likely be the same.
  2. That's it now here for thunder.. everything is moving off northwards. Hopefully next time will be better. Lightning is a must to see in any storm but somehow has managed to evade us.
  3. It's high level so no lightning seen... just thunder heard. Also some haul at the moment
  4. Mental storm coming this way... constant thunder in the distance... oh wow...
  5. There's lots around the Llyn Peninsula. Huge storm around that way terminating in Cardigan Bay. Personally I would stay around Holyhead.. if you are planning to come back this way you will be disappointed. No real eastward shift.
  6. Lightning out west getting more frequent so when that storm hits say Blackpool it should be on full pelt.
  7. I can see very distant lightning out west. It won't reach here but at least it's happening somewhere
  8. I'm not sure about the chances here now.. seems to be light precipitation which doesn't really fit the scenario. I'll sleep now but this far east it may be asking too much for a good storm.
  9. The PPN is starting to show signs of intensifying as it moves northwards, but that could be due to topographical influence.
  10. I wasn't referring to Faliraki
  11. We have some pine trees, a date palm and cistus and it smells amazing.. very similar to those night in coastal Greece/Spain.
  12. Yes there is a cap caused by a relatively high pressure area, this cap should start to lift by morning time around our region as low pressure moved eastwards, thus allowing some rapidly developing cells.
  13. Ah ok, regarding the metoffice/BBC thing, that clarifies things somewhat, I thought the BBC and Met Offices contract ceased with immediate effect, but I wasnt 100% sure. Good to have that cleared up. As for the prospects, there's a lot of cloud around now, it's keeping the temperatures up though, still 27C here.. with a smell consistent with Mediterranean holidays (that sweet smell at night)
  14. They don't anymore as far as I was aware?