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  1. surrounded by heavy rain, but no rain yet here.. some quite heavy rain over Crosby by the looks of it. Later might see rain here as there's a pulse moving up from the south. Whether it maintains its vigour remains to be seen. Nothing appears to be thundery though.
  2. Was hoping for a storm today but it's looking extremely unlikely now as temperatures cool and convection ceases. There is tomorrow but I fear it will be undone by endless stratiform cloud from today's decaying thunderstorms.
  3. SP1986

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    It wouldn't take much .. 6C in April in the day is depressing. Only in the UK though (and Iceland too). An average January day is warmer than currrently in parts.
  4. The outlook is very uninspiring unless unseasonal cool and rain is your thing. Looks like there will be fairly persistent episodes of frost at night which is quite unusual for April (but that will be away from coasts) It may be that our usual transition into Autumnal weather has come extremely early this year as there is no sign of anything remotely seasonal? (I.e. a mix of both warm and cooler days).. it just seems cold/cool for the foreseeable future. I would not be surprised if snow featured over the highest hills in the next week or so at times when showers occur.
  5. Another day miserable with a lack of sunshine and temperatures significantly below average. Forecast is for this to continue well into the weekend. Yuck. It's typical when it's Spring or Summer the Pennines let the murk and cloud through with so much ease but in winter they make sure the snow is kept at bay. The very definition of sh...
  6. I think it'll be a dull cloudy cool week for most of the region. North sea fret looks like I will plague as far west as here almost all week. It won't feel particularly pleasant I suspect with temperatures remaining below average (just).. though further south in the country might get some pleasant Spring weather..
  7. Flooding could be an issue today along some river courses.. some very heavy rain on the radar which could last much of the day
  8. I don't we will get Spring this year in a sense.. the weekend and next week looks pretty horrible with wet and cold conditions dominating from today onwards. I suppose we are due a very cold Spring though. It's whether Summer follows suit. For people that hate any type of warmth though this is as good as it gets (aside from an unseasonal snowfest)
  9. The outlook looks persistently cold.. temperatures in the day between 2-5C below the long term average with frequent night frosts. I cannot see where seasonal average temperatures will come from if we stay in this pattern.
  10. I'm in the Netherlands tomorrow.. they will have similar conditions I think.. maybe a tad cooler
  11. It's a washout today.. no snow but heavy rain all morning. I even saw a few ducks walking on the pavement before which was odd -never seen that before here
  12. I imagine this Spring (or lack of it if a traditionalist view) will be pretty notable. Although one issue may be that solar minimums and cold periods often seem to correlate with volcanic activity.. I'm not sure how effective a solar minimum is on its own for producing colder winters without other drivers in place.
  13. The dusting is melting under overcast skies!
  14. Pretty much like elsewhere in the local area.. a dusting pretty much
  15. Oh it's just you said about a steamer overhead.. that's definitely not the Wirral.