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  1. I managed to resolve the issue, thanks to Paul. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif

    It turned out to be the banner ad blocking on my antivirus, Kaspersky 2009. I can now watch videos when I disable that, then I dimply enable it again. Paul sent me links to the Kaspersky forum with solutions, as it seems to be an issue for a few people trying to watch videos from various sites. I couldn't get the solutions they suggested to work, but now I know how to get it to work I don't mind temporarily disabling the ad blocking from time to time. Now for that elusive tornado...

  2. I've given up with the live streaming too. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif

    Tried the DNS approach, but that did nothing. I had already cleared the temporary internet cache before but did it again. Once again, no result.

    It is really strange and frustrating, as I was watching the streaming on the first day - and I have the fastest possible broadband connection, which is still giving me around 50meg according to the speed test results (I even got 171 and 246 on a couple of tests!). I can't see how having that installed has caused the problem, as I can watch videos from every other source I try and no other issues with Windows XP. Yet not only can I not view the live NW streaming I still cannot watch any of the briefings.

    Like John, I don't want to download Firefox. And as I was watching before on IE7 I don't see that the browser is the issue. Whatever...

  3. I meant to add that I can watch the weather forecast video from the link you posted, Paul. But otherwise I am getting exactly the same as John, even down to the strange message that he got when he clicked on the April 29 video. Not sure if it was the same one I got it for, but it was certainly one of them.

    Oh, and I am using IE7 on a dual core PC with loads of RAM.

  4. I am getting exactly the same as John - the spinning circle but no video, not even the daily briefings. Yet I did get video on the very first day, and I can watch streaming from TVN and video from other sites. But nothing since then, not even when other people have said they were watching it.

    I just downloaded the latest Flash update and rebooted the PC, so it isn't that. And I had the 50MB broadband installed by Virgin Media early this week and am getting that or very close to it on speed tests. Come to think of it, I think I got the video streaming before I had that installed and haven't been able to get it since. The PC has been TCP optimised too.

    Any ideas, Paul or any other techie expert?



  5. I remember the 1987 winter being exceptionally cold here, but how would the winter of 1962/63 compare with that, Essan? I can't remember the dates but I think it was February some time. It was so frigid the Thames froze close to the beach at Southend. I remember it vividly, as my dad was a news cameraman and he got me and my brothers to clamber over the ice mounds and play in the snow drifts on the beach.

    Ahhh, those were the days... :lol:

  6. Isn't it bad luck to take down the Christmas decorations before 12th night (ie January 5), Paul? :shok:

    Seriously, the site has been running very slowly for me over the last two or three days. It seems to take ages to load pages. I have never had that before, and do not have problems with any other sites. Is NW becoming a victim of its own popularity?

  7. This post is bringing memories flooding back for me, too.

    I was only 8 at the time and we lived in my uncle's guesthouse right on the seafront at Southend. I remember it was so cold the sea (well, the Thames Estuary) froze on the foreshore. We had huge lumps of ice pile up on the beach an when the tide came in it was just like a scene from the Arctic.

    My dad was a freelance news cameraman for the local and national press, and he was also a cine news cameraman for the BBC. So he got me and my two brothers to go out onto the snow and ice on the beach while he filmed and photographed us throwing snowballs, making snowmen and generally larking about. It made the news on TV that night and all the newspapers next day. We were stars - even thought you couldn't have recognised us because we were togged up so much aganst the cold. I remember my mum made us put balaclavas and mitts on with our duffelcoats, and huge knitted scarves round our necks and tucked into the coats. We must have looked like real plonkers. But we loved it. :)

    I also remember the lake in the park just behind where we lived was frozen solid and people were walking on the ice, so we did too - and my young brother fell in. I helped to pull him out and didn't think any more of it, until my mum and dad started saying how dangerous it was and how he could have died. So instead of being feted as a hero I was a villain for taking him onto the ice! Actually in hindsight they were dead right, too.

    I remember it going on for weeks and weeks. My mum was expecting my sister at the time, and my dad was looking for our first house to buy. We ended up in the country and visited it while it was still very snowy. I just remember it being so bleak and snowy and cold. I visited Nunavut (the Inuit province which comprises most of Arctic Canada) in mid-winter about six years ago, and it suddenly brought back memories of the 62/63 winter at home. The same numbing cold (although at -25-30C it was much colder than then, of course), the frozen sea and the dry snow blowing across the roads and fields like ghostly white snakes.

    I feel sorry for kids these days. They have all the electronic games, mobile phones to keep in touch with each other all the time, the latest clothes and digital cameras. But they are missing the innoent excitement and fun we used to have, especially when we lashings of snow and ice.

    Yes, a similar winter episode now would have this board in meltdown, but the trouble would be that no sooner would it arrive than people would already be rubbishing it or talking about when it would end. We used to just live for the day and go out and have fun in it! :)

    My dad kept some of the photos he took, I think. He died nearly 10 years ago but my mum still has boxes of his photos and she is moving soon. So if I find any good ones I will dig them out and post them on here. I hope the mods pin this thread as it would be a shame to lose all these memories. They should be archived. It's just like when old relatives pass away. They take all their memories with them and future generations are left poorer for the lack of knowledge or understanding about how life was.

    Think I'd better stop now. I'm sounding like an old fart! ;)

  8. Woah Davie -I was just about to award you the prize for the scariest picture with that painting! Lucky for you though, I just spotted Timmy's mug-shots! Get your kit on man! :|D

    You want scary? Try these...

    As you can see, I like wearing hats. Probably because I don't have much hair these days! I think I prefer the rather natty shark hat. Certainly nowhere near as smelly as the polar bear trousers! http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif

    Love the Saturday Night Fever poses, Davie. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif






  9. I think there is a slight problem with your local forecasts on the home page. Either that, or we are heading for the biggest freeze in history! :D:D

    This is what it came up with for the next couple of days for my area (I can't get the columns to line up, but you get the idea of what it is saying):

    Quickcast for Shoeburyness (change location)

    Max temp | Min temp | Max ave wind | Snow chance

    next 24 hrs | next 24 hrs | next 24 hrs | next 24 hrs

    -273°C | 0°C | 9mph | 0%

    Max temp | Min temp | Max ave wind | Snow chance

    24-48 hrs | 24-48 hrs | 24-48 hrs | 24-48 hrs

    -273°C | -273°C | 9mph | 0%


    PS - how do I add an image into the post itself without it also showing as an attached imaged, as below? I'm sure I have done it before but can't remember the correct procedure now.


  10. HI Blackie - my guess is that you have norton internet security or personal firewall - in which case it's because of some extra security we have put on there.

    If you go to the net-weather extra homepage there is a link there which gives instructions on what you need to do to be able to view it again, which will hopefully sort you out :)

    Any more problems, or if you're not using norton, please let me know!

    Thanks Paul, and Karl - sorted now http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif

    And it has just started snowing, well a light shower of graupel. So I can track it once more on the radar :cold:

  11. Paul, or any other mod who may be monitoring this - is the N-W Extra 15 minute radar down at the moment? Each time I try and access it all I get is white space. Now, while I'd love to think it indicates we are in for an imminent white-out across the country, I have a feeling it just means that the radar is out of action. :cold:

    In case it is just my system, what I am getting is a small box in the top left with a red X and no radar image at all, no matter if I try the normal or precipitation options and whether I click on the static or animated buttons. When I click on the place names button it brings those up, but on a blank background. So I guess it means it isn't my system.

    Over to you...

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