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  1. Heavy snow in Shoebury for a little while now. Settling on my office skylight, cars, roofs and grass verges. The temperature suddenly dropped from 4C to 0C about 30 minutes ago and the dew point is now also 0C, with 100% humidity. I think a lot of people have been caught unaware it would be as snowy as it is now and there will be some very long rush hour commutes home...
  2. I managed to resolve the issue, thanks to Paul. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif It turned out to be the banner ad blocking on my antivirus, Kaspersky 2009. I can now watch videos when I disable that, then I dimply enable it again. Paul sent me links to the Kaspersky forum with solutions, as it seems to be an issue for a few people trying to watch videos from various sites. I couldn't get the solutions they suggested to work, but now I know how to get it to work I don't mind temporarily disabling the ad blocking from time to time. Now for that elusive tornado...
  3. I've given up with the live streaming too. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif Tried the DNS approach, but that did nothing. I had already cleared the temporary internet cache before but did it again. Once again, no result. It is really strange and frustrating, as I was watching the streaming on the first day - and I have the fastest possible broadband connection, which is still giving me around 50meg according to the speed test results (I even got 171 and 246 on a couple of tests!). I can't see how having that installed has caused the problem, as I can watch videos from every other source I try and no other issues with Windows XP. Yet not only can I not view the live NW streaming I still cannot watch any of the briefings. Like John, I don't want to download Firefox. And as I was watching before on IE7 I don't see that the browser is the issue. Whatever...
  4. I meant to add that I can watch the weather forecast video from the link you posted, Paul. But otherwise I am getting exactly the same as John, even down to the strange message that he got when he clicked on the April 29 video. Not sure if it was the same one I got it for, but it was certainly one of them. Oh, and I am using IE7 on a dual core PC with loads of RAM.
  5. I am getting exactly the same as John - the spinning circle but no video, not even the daily briefings. Yet I did get video on the very first day, and I can watch streaming from TVN and video from other sites. But nothing since then, not even when other people have said they were watching it. I just downloaded the latest Flash update and rebooted the PC, so it isn't that. And I had the 50MB broadband installed by Virgin Media early this week and am getting that or very close to it on speed tests. Come to think of it, I think I got the video streaming before I had that installed and haven't been able to get it since. The PC has been TCP optimised too. Any ideas, Paul or any other techie expert? Thanks Peter
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