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  1. Looks like I might be getting abit of snow tonight it’s already snowing and more incoming on the radar 😆
  2. Good covering here this morning about 3cm looks like them streamers have gone abit more north now over me 😆
  3. You’re luck is running out now only one bit of heavy snow left for you make the most of it 😉
  4. Tell you what watching the radar all day has been hard work trying to judge from the North Sea which bit of snow has you’re name on it anyone do the same??
  5. Predicted txt makes me sound like an idiot must check before I post lol 😂
  6. Honestly bud I’m happy for you might take a drive tomorrow ! enjoy you seem to love it just as much as me looking at the radar I might get abit tonight and wake up with abit iam this winter has been a wired one for sure 🥴
  7. Your one lucky got this time I’ve hardly anything in birstall 😞 lol
  8. Good stuff thanks il keep everything crossed then maybe we might get an upgrade 😉
  9. How sheikhy how we looking after today’s models mate ?
  10. I thought that too but they do change them at last minute sometimes
  11. You can’t say that lol you’re a Leicester man
  12. Thought so mate we are missing out on sat sun now I think shame can’t win them all 😂
  13. Oh ya fighter that’s quite a lot I’m hoping this happens il be as happy as a pig in Pooh Il ask you again tomorrow for an updated if that’s ok
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