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  1. Spare a thought for the medium range forecasters in New York – only a few days ago the daytime max temp was -12C and today its +17C ! And we think UK model-watching is stressful !
  2. Speaking of the MetO "covering all bases", what has the actual weather been like for most of us these last 7 days? Cold? Yes. Mild? Yes. Rain? Yes. Snow? Yes. Fine/sunny? Yes. Can you blame them for not offering more certainty? In fact it proves their outlooks have been spot on if anything.
  3. I get that the Met Office has larger resources etc, but it's interesting how the same people on this forum who were predicting a new ice age for Jan/Feb, are the same people now blasting the Met Office for questionable long range forecasting and a desire to cover all bases.
  4. A fairly decent update on the BBC Monthly Outlook: Monday 11 February—Sunday 24 February Chance of colder weather setting in There is an increasing risk of significant cold weather as we move through the middle of February. This is because we expect the high pressure currently situated over Scandinavia to shift westwards towards north-west Europe. The effects of this are similar to those described for the first full week of February i.e. reduced 'mild' westerly winds from the Atlantic, and an increasing chance of cold east or north-easterly winds reaching the UK. If this happens there will be an increased risk of snow and ice affecting the UK. Although the risk of cold weather has increased, it is by no means certain. There is a chance that the Scandinavian high pressure area will remain less of a feature, leaving the UK in a cool and unsettled pattern with winds coming in from the west or north-west. There is a roughly 30% chance of this, underlining that the forecast for this period of the winter remain rather uncertain.
  5. I know we shouldn't take the BBC graphics too seriously, but it's currently showing 9C for London next Saturday, when this forum was predicting an Ice Age!
  6. Every winter is a Day 10 winter.. A wise man once told me to just follow the Met Office and BBC forecasts for updates on cold/snow. Wise words indeed.
  7. No, but rain and sleet is mentioned a couple of times...
  8. BBC MONTHLY OUTLOOK recently updated: Monday 28 January—Sunday 10 February Colder than average with rain and snow at times There continues to be the likelihood of some cold, wintry weather through the end of January and early February ... However, indications are that this cold weather is more likely to come in pulses from the north, perhaps with occasionally milder and wetter interludes in-between (unlike the extreme and prolonged cold we experienced during the 'Beast from the East' episode in February/March 2018). Nevertheless, temperatures are likely to be below the seasonal average more often than not with some sharp night frosts and a mixture of bands of rain and snow moving across the UK. The greatest risk for some significant snowfall appears to be over northern areas. There are chances of more severe, sustained cold developing (about a 25% probability) - a lesser chance is for much milder and wetter conditions to prevail. .. Well whoopie doo ?
  9. Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but the BBC Monthly Outlook (updated today) doesn't exactly get the pulses racing: Monday 21 January—Sunday 3 February There continue to be increasing chances of some cold, wintry weather through late January and into the start of February... Most likely are for conditions to become generally colder from the north but also somewhat drier and less windy. There is the elevated chance of occasional snow, though, initially for the north of the UK before this risk extends to southern areas too.The main uncertainty is over the duration of the expected colder spell of weather - there are chances that occasionally milder, wetter and breezier conditions could spread from the west at times. Overall, though, conditions are expected to be colder than recently.
  10. No disrespect but surely there is a more suitable thread for nowcasting Austria's weather?
  11. I'm near Oxford Street and it's snowing quite heavy, large flakes. All surfaces covered.
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