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  1. 😂Did you type this with your big toes?...If so. good effort!🦶
  2. 9/10 for me here on Norfolk/Suffolk border. Not as wide spread as 2018 BFTE, but snowing as I type now. that's 6 days on the trot.6ft drifts, 5 Ice days and a Biting Easterly out there still, Put me in mind of an 80's spell. Great snow fix! A shame more folk couldn't join in.☃️🥶👍
  3. Well can't complain here on the Norfolk Suffolk border, decent spell and snowing again as I type! Looking ahead :- = Long johns 🥶 = Budgie smugglers 😎......Maybe not just yet! < Random, can't get rid of the bugger!
  4. Sorry if mentioned in previous posts, The Gem looks good for reload👍☃️
  5. The Beast beats back Atlantic, low 850s still on Friday!
  6. According to CFSV2...The cold coming this weekend is just an Aperitif! 🥶
  7. Could be drifting as those winds pick up, bottom layer sticky, Monday onwards more powdery as easterly kicks in! Wheres my paper bag, think I'm hyperventilating!☃️
  8. This is going to take the General public by surprise when the Snowmageddon forecasts start appearing on TV!
  9. The Beast never goes quietly! Anyone thinking this will be blown away in 5 days may need to re-evaluate!
  10. ECM ..Hollywood run! Atlantic Heights building, Northerly reload!!!!
  11. Blimey after reading some of the posts above I just had to check I didn't imagine the ECM run.... No I thought not! I think I'll put on some REM to cheer myself up!
  12. Anyone not happy with these charts need to move to Alaska coz it don't get much better than that in Blighty! Snow potential everywhere at some point no point looking beyond day 7, as history tells that cold will take some shifting! Let the fun commence!☃️
  13. EA could hit the jackpot, we usually do well in these setups! Brace yourselves for popup snow events especially when the Atlantic fronts try and make inroads, South West areas could get buried! ☃️
  14. I don't think its going to be that marginal on the south coast, Those 850 winds are coming from frigid air, even the ones that show a westerly direction right on the South coast circulate from very cold air, not Atlantic!
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