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  1. Glen, Debs, Thanks for your replies. I've been told by my friends to bring swimming trunks and suntan lotion Jokingly of course. Looking forward to seeing my first bit of snow of the year. Thanks again. Pleasure - i have some Lebanesse friends who have just moved there from South Africa and have recently wed. We missed the wedding in SA so we thought it would be nice to join them in Montreal - to help them settle in a little and share a few beers, sights and sounds. My french is none existant so i'll be relying on my friends to get me through - although there can't be many words fo
  2. Hi ppl, I'm off to Montreal tomorrow until next Weds. Does anybody know what the weather conditions/temps are expected for this period? Many thanks in advance. Dee
  3. Great read. Further info and pictures can be found here http://www.winter1947.co.uk D Just put in the http:// for you so the link works Paul S
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