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  1. Looks like Northumberland with Newcastle / Tyne & Wear missing out to me. We'll see.
  2. Fingers crossed. I fear I may be too far in land but the coastal areas and northumberland look to be in the firing line of some beefy showers.
  3. I've just been checking tomorrow's forecast and only BBC are forecasting snow for Gateshead tomorrow. Cautiously optimistic but I haven't got my hopes up.
  4. I'm enjoying it too. I'm sure that's my first direct of the day 🙂 Not to complain, we've had a few good side swipes.
  5. I'm due a blob in 5-10 minutes. Hoping something out to sea hits. I'm not expecting a reload but it would be a very nice surprise to wake up to tomorrow 🙂
  6. I'm with you there. Today has been a small bonus following a frustrating week. I'm sure we'll get to do it all again some time.
  7. I can't see anything else hitting me now. There was a decent sized blob heading for us here but it's split North and South.
  8. You can have all the snow in the world if I could have your car? Test drove an X P100D last year. it was crazy.
  9. I think the MetOffice are having a laugh with their wind forecast for this evening into tomorrow!
  10. it looks like the winds have switched to a more easterly direction now. Those big blobs look nailed on for Tyne & Wear, now headed towards Alnwick way.
  11. It looks like i'll get hit by that one. Was hoping the big blob behind that was further north would but looks like that will hit North Newcastle now.
  12. I agree. Looks like it will slice through North Shields then Birtley, CLS, onto Durham. Enjoy!
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