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  1. Steady snow here now, could do with some of those bigger flakes.
  2. Still icy rain in Shafton, quite a lot of flooding around the next village of South Heindley, took these out running at 4pm.
  3. There's plenty of sleety ice content in this heavy rain here in Shafton, Barnsley, just done the windscreen test sat in the car on the drive.
  4. As the 2010 event has been mentioned I'll put these pictures up from my old house at Athersley South in Barnsley, quite an event that.
  5. Just been out and done about 13 n half mile in this lot, I'd say around Brierley/South Heindley there's up to 10cms, result.
  6. Light snow now at Shafton, Barnsley, after a clear frosty morning.
  7. Yep, snowing heavily and starting to settle at Shafton, Barnsley.
  8. Just been out for my morning jog, expected it to be really icy, showing -0.5c but surprisingly little freezing around Brierley/South Heindley (250-300ft asl).
  9. Nr Hemsworth, West Yorkshire midday. 20210114_121508.mp4
  10. A few more from my walk earlier around the South/West Yorkshire border Shafton/South Heindley.
  11. Got around 10-12cms of snow here at Shafton nr Barnsley, still snowing.
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