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  1. Very light snow flurries on Devon/Dorset coastal border. Nice surprise. Kids over excited 😛
  2. Morning all. Over an inch of rain overnight in EX24. Still hammering down. Wind has shifted with the pivoting low in the channel to ENE, local station measured 45mph gust at 06.00. Tasty stuff.
  3. Storm here now with rain intense when thunder overhead. New it was coming as mackerel were going crazy out in Lyme Bay ?
  4. Interesting looking thunderstorm on Dartmoor currently. Hoping we get one here in E Devon!
  5. Hail storm here nr Colyton. First interesting winter weather event of the season ??
  6. Hail and thunder here that knocked power out. Carpet of white. Nr Seaton E. devon
  7. In East Grinstead on my travels. Can hear a very powerful storm to our south. Difficult to guage distance as sound carrying so far tonight. The A22, some 2 miles distant sounds like it’s right outside! Breeze picking up too ?
  8. Heavy rain now turned to snow here nr Axminster, E Devon. It’s on. Was the changed to E wind that clinched it.
  9. Wind just markedly changed direction hear nr Axminster reckon that snow almost here
  10. Very dark here and that slight chlorine green/yellow tinge to the air which I reckon means snow imminent. Nr Axminster in the tractor.
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