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  1. In East Grinstead on my travels. Can hear a very powerful storm to our south. Difficult to guage distance as sound carrying so far tonight. The A22, some 2 miles distant sounds like it’s right outside! Breeze picking up too
  2. Heavy rain now turned to snow here nr Axminster, E Devon. It’s on. Was the changed to E wind that clinched it.
  3. Wind just markedly changed direction hear nr Axminster reckon that snow almost here
  4. Very dark here and that slight chlorine green/yellow tinge to the air which I reckon means snow imminent. Nr Axminster in the tractor.
  5. Wind gusts showing 55 mph wind. Deluge of rain, absolutely soaked walking back from skittles. Squall line surely. nr Colyton.
  6. 17c here, rain showers most of day. Heavy at times. Good news is sea temp at Seaton is 17c too so great for a swim. A relief from the heat. Cloudburst just now
  7. Good photos. Yes very eerie this morning. Was a very close night so need a storm to freshen things up! There has been overnight rain. Can def hear one out at sea but it hasn’t moved much in the past hour. Absolutely no wind. 17c.
  8. Fog and 15c here. Humidity high. In my view, the Met Office have lost a certain amount of credibility in the past year or so. Losing the BBC contract will have meant a dramatic revenue reduction. Senior management will be trying to win new business by ensuring that the Met Office remains in the public domain and is high profile. Hence the ridiculous stream of warnings they produce with 'danger to life' BS etc for what is normal every day weather. They can justify as saying they were being prudent, and there is less outrage if the weather is better than predicted! However, there is a chance that the public will become immune to these warnings (crying wolf fable) and end up ignoring warnings for a genuinely dangerous weather event such as ex-Hurricanes and the BFTE etc.
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