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  1. Had all melted from the top of my car but tiny flakes starting to settle on it again.
  2. Why would anyone need reassurance or understanding from a stranger on an internet forum?? Perspective needed here, its not a life or death situation - its grown adults throwing their toys out of the pram because it hasn't snowed.
  3. It's what you would expect from a nursery school playground. Funny to read but gets frustrating after a while.
  4. When do the Met Office normally update their weather warnings? Unless they know something that no-one here has picked up on, there must be substantial back-tracking from previous predictions on the cards.
  5. Hopefully you/MO are correct and we will see something from this in due course. Crack on and persevere in whichever prediction makes you happiest, there are no set rules. The radar is the most useful tool in short-term snow forecasts, but up to you if you wish not to use it. Cheers.
  6. Just to be clear, you are saying that the Met Office was right, but at the same time this is the same Met Office that put out amber and yellow warnings for areas that might now see substantially less snow than predicted? Watching the radar was the correct advice. Not going to argue with someone over the internet, never have and don't plan to start now. Hope you get some snow in the coming days, even if this is a busted flush there are still some opportunities.
  7. Glad you are in agreement, the radar did show at that time that the snow was heading across the north sea and it was all on track. It went wrong after but nothing has been hurt other than your expectations. Dry your eyes and calm down, last minute changes are nothing new and no-one has died. Lets see what happens over the next hours/days.
  8. Chill out, the weather will do what it pleases and no-one can change it. Despite your annoyance, the folks who said to trust the radar were absolutely bang on correct - if it shows nothing then that's what you will get.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to explain, its appreciated and have a better understanding of what you were saying.
  10. Apologies, but don't understand your statement - surely the main snow hasn't reached the Anglia/Kent coasts yet so if it doesn't get any further west then it will miss the UK entirely? Or are you looking at modelling for the next 12/24 hours and mean that there is little chance of divergence further west from what they are currently showing?
  11. Do you mean rain to snow? How many stages are there in your scale - assume the last is total whiteout 😄
  12. Understood, am ignoring any apps and just looking at the radar now. What will be will be, but keeping my fingers crossed at the same time!!
  13. Seen that a few times before!! Cheers for the response, am thinking along the same lines. Hoping for 3-4cm over the next 24 hours which I think could be possible and anything else will be a bonus. If we miss out this time there could be chances next week.
  14. I'm not far from you (Epping) and readily admit to being a dunce compared to some on here when it comes to interpretation of models. You think we will see much in this area? Think other comments have noted that any incoming precipitation from the east will come inland for a while, then go SW which would make our location borderline for a hit/miss.
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