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  1. And yet I don't think it's felt that warm due to the strength of the wind
  2. It really is all over , nothing to chase . Just reading the MET update tells you Winter is gone. All the best Matt😄
  3. The warmth won't last too long looking at the GFS6z
  4. Not again ,................please god no
  5. Game over as far as I can see with regards a decent snowy breakdown , and probably for Winter .........................IMO
  6. Rubbish run if we want a snow event , the HP is too strong
  7. Yes deepest FI but the Control shows it's hard to get rid of a block
  8. It's potential which is an awful lot more than what is showing the charts for me currently lol ............I see the Beeb are still banging on about the cold winning , so what are they looking at ? Are they just a day behind ?
  9. Then lets get this in and have some sort of snowy breakdown That's a hammering for some
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