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  1. It’s looking quite lively with some beefy showers out in the North Sea to be fair, was we expecting some tonight??
  2. I’v just been watching these and wondering the same, could we possibly see some streamers setting up like last night?? Looks like a decent amount of beefy showers heading in all of a sudden.
  3. Can we expect things to pick up a bit through this morning? I went to bed just after 1am and there was organised bands of showers piling in but now it’s looking scarce. I’d say we have at best 1cm on the ground here at the moment..
  4. Small dusting here which is nice to see, was expecting or hoping these showers would be a bit more lively at this point onwards. Hopefully can catch some heavier showers at some point as there seems to be a bit of a lull at the moment going by the radar and what’s heading in my direction.
  5. Yes I’m hoping we are well positioned to finally see some worthwhile snow, what could go wrong? 🤣
  6. Woke up this morning half expecting to see a little dusting but nothing. Hoping to see a few flakes sometime soon, sounds like tomorrow we could be in with a chance of seeing something! Definitely feeling bitter out there so feeling very hopeful about our chances, just need those showers to start piling in!
  7. I’m that excited for snow I’ll be firing off some fireworks I have stashed away I feel that deprived lol. hoping to see some flakes later on or tomorrow at least it’s been a long time coming.. My kids are sick of hearing my snow stories from ten or so years ago 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Still waiting to at least see some sleet as the precipitation here has been been non stop and mostly heavy since this morning, keep watching and Monitoring what is coming down but rain rain rain 😫 I will be Ecstatic if I start seeing sleet and that says it all... cmon let’s have it!!!
  9. Ok so I’m really starting to feel hopeful we may just see some snow here, it’s been up and down for the last few weeks in search of possible snow or at least some showers but all it’s done is rain rain rain, I try not to get my hopes up too much as often ends in disappointment but I can’t help but feel this may just be a spell worth getting excited about.
  10. Same here, not even a hint of sleet either. Pretty desperate when you know there’s no chance of snow but hoping to see some sleet at least 😂 Takes something rather special doesn’t it for us to get some meaningful snow this Far East to the coast.
  11. @Kasim Awan @Scott Ingham Hi I’m new here and only posted once as only joined recently, I have followed the forum for many years generally keeping tabs on the modules thread mainly in the winter with the desperation to get a heads up with cold & snow that may be heading our way , I feel the need to express some appreciation to both your positive inputs in there particularly, it’s fantastic we have you both in our regional thread too with your passionate in-depth posts. That goes to many of you in this regional thread, some very knowledgeable folk in here too many too mention but it certain
  12. Lovely surprise this morning in laceby village (Grimsby) nice big wet flakes of snow briefly fell this morning when a shower passed through, very encouraging to see some wintriness already especially here anyway!
  13. Really hoping to see some snowfall this year, surely we are due some luck, I’d be over the moon with just 2cms! 🙏
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