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  1. If Snowflake Bentley were alive I think the models would impel him to buy a one way ticket to Cleethorpes. You guys and gals put the 8th of Feb in my mind ages ages ago so I booked next week off work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  2. To me the models have been in a kind of gimbal lock so we've all been a bit disoriented as have the numerical models but just like Collins requested a fourth gimbal for Christmas on the Apollo 11 mission it looks to me like we all might be getting a fourth gimbal be it a tad late for said seasonal.
  3. Don't forget Jimmy Stewart was right when everyone else thought he was crazy. It takes a humans touch to see something in the models that everyone else sees ( but doesn't see if you catch my drift). Keep up the good work every one and thank you from a weather lover who at one time thought he was the only one.
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