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  1. You didn’t need to go to the other side of the country to find snow. There’s been several bouts of lying snow 5 miles west of here on the Wolds and almost everywhere else in the county. It just didn’t like the coast this winter for some reason.
  2. So do I, but it’s snowed everywhere else in Lincs bar this area this winter. Maybe it will make up for our earlier losses this time around.
  3. I wonder if the Lincs coast snow shield will hold firm as it has so far right through this winter?
  4. We had very little snow on the coast even during BFTE despite having lower 850’s. Higher North Sea temperatures are the culprit these days due to global warming.
  5. I think you’ll do much better being 65 miles inland, as anyone nearer the east coast will probably receive sleet or cold rain.
  6. Yes I take all that on board and mainly agree with you. I was kinda being facetious as to how people dump models in favour or others when they don’t like what they see. ECM is usually the safer and more steady model out of the bunch in normal times.
  7. I’m getting the popcorn ready for this evening’s entertainment as I type. It’s far better than the soaps on the tele.
  8. Well the GFS was the best thing since the invention of the wheel up until yesterday. Today it’s about as useful as a chocolate fire guard. Us weather watchers are a fickle bunch.
  9. The ECM was awful up until today but now seems to be the king, whereas the GFS’s halo has slipped somewhat this evening. My gut feeling for a long while is that we’ll get a very cold spell in February, so I’m not too bothered about what it’s showing (at the moment).
  10. Says most of the people in the MO thread when it was the only one showing Siberian conditions
  11. Just more than slightly concerned by the GFS 12z that’s all really. I’ve been watching these charts for 2 decades now and I just think it looks cold but nothing exceptional and quickly dispensed with.
  12. I have and it’s good. But the GFS was king up until now.
  13. I’m excited by the prospects of a cold and snowy spell but completely underwhelmed by the GFS 12z, although in fairness most of the other models are cracking for cold.
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