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  1. This is turning out to be a March 2013 or December 2015 moment, not as extreme as those months were but I don’t think we expected this April to be as cold as it’s been so far. We haven’t really seen a significantly cool April since the 80s so our minds are skewed into thinking we will be in for a mild April given how many we’ve had in the last decade. Coolest April I’ve experienced was in 2012 which was wet and dull, so to see a bone dry, cold April is very notable. Still there’s 2 weeks left for things to change, maybe a warm spell at months end perhaps.
  2. I've lost track on how many air frosts I've had this April. 11 or 12 to be precise. To put it into perspective, for me that's more air frosts than in December 2020 which I thought was a relatively cool month and also the whole winter of 2019/20. Bonkers! As the CET is currently standing at 5.6 at mid month and with no sustained warm spell coming up, a 6c April is possible if not guaranteed.
  3. Surely this would result in the coldest April since 1989 if it were accurate. Has also been very dry and looks to be virtually precip free for the next few weeks.
  4. I wonder when the last time we had a very dry cold April. All the precip I’ve seen fallen this month has been snow showers. Ground is rock solid.
  5. Stunning pics everyone. Snowy fields with a clear blue sky will always be my favourite weather preference. Have never seen anything of the sort in April. Suffice to say this April spell has been more significant than the February one in terms of snowfall.
  6. I seem to be missing all of it 😞. Still chuffed that many places around me are getting quite a good snow event.
  7. Crazy to think this time last year, many places had warm sunny weather. I recall it being 22c here. Think somewhere in the UK got to 25c on the 10th. Today had a max of 5c and sporadic snow showers. Complete contrast.
  8. Gfs 12z looking cool, however the ECM still hinting spring.
  9. For such a cool month so far im surprised it's not been wet tbh. I've encountered more snow showers than rain this month. Glad it's not shaping to be an April 2012 style month with it being wet throughout.
  10. Wow the cloud cover really is suppressing the temperatures. Currently 0c at mid day essentially. Haven't seen any snow about, just rain.
  11. Think u mean 1989 with a CET of 6.6. It is possible to get a figure similar to that this month. Just depends if we get a warm up in the second half
  12. GFS 18Z looking good for the people that want spring back
  13. CET has dropped significantly and there's still a week or so of cold weather to come. Low 5s seems likely at mid month. But a warm up similar to 2019 could possibly rise that to average. We'll see
  14. Yup. Has happened many times before but only recently happened in 2012 where March's CET was 8.3 and April 7.2. If April comes in under March this time, it'd be more impressive considering the March CET is already relatively low.
  15. -3c here and the cold is comparable to the spell in February, well it certainly feels that way
  16. Haven’t felt this cold in April since 2013. Truly is bitter out there under the blue skies. It was 2c here at 4pm under a heavy snow shower. Haven’t seen anything like that in my life. And the fact that it came after a hot spell goes to show how erratic British springs can be.
  17. Something you don’t see often in the UK in April. Most of the country seeing brief snow showers. Even if it doesn’t stick, it’s still pretty significant. Funny how this time last year, I was experiencing 20c highs.
  18. The fact that snow fell in the middle of the day and it’s 2c at 4pm in April is astonishing. Something you’d expect on the Scottish mountains, not here 😂
  19. heavy snow/graupel falling now. XCWeather currently saying it’s 6c, must be much colder than that
  20. Yeah it was forecast to reach -2c here but only reached 0c. Currently 5c which was supposed to be the daily high for today. Could get colder later this week tho
  21. I loved Summer 2020 cus of the variety. Thunderstorms, good warm spells especially in August and cool intervals. There was something for everyone. Summer 2018 however, whilst the sunny days were nice, the heat was too much and many sleepless nights occured
  22. January was pretty cold tbh so I don't mind this spell not happening then, but if this happened last month then I feel more people would be excited with this prolonged cold spell. Nonetheless it still makes model watching very interesting.
  23. The 80s had three sub 7c CET April’s and none after that. I wonder if this month could be the one
  24. True. Wouldn’t be surprised if we went from Arctic Blast to Spanish Plume in a matter of days given how erratic the weather is acting atm
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