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  1. Wouldn't say it feels like February today, more like September. There has been days in July 2020 cooler than today.
  2. Very mild in the CET zone today. Most places above 14c with the south east in the upper teens. Who would've known this February would turn out very mild. CET probably in the mid 5s before corrections.
  3. Spring 2020 was amazing, best I've ever seen. After the dire winter, a dry warm spring was welcome. Did make the first lockdown that bit enjoyable. I'd say Spring 2021 won't beat last year's season but I expect a sunny March, average April and May with a warm spell thrown in. A mixed bag
  4. 5.7C and 45mm. Expecting a dry month after the last few being wet. Maybe a colder interlude in the first half.
  5. Looks like the US is having a record breaking cold spell. Look at those anomalies in Texas... Even though it is in Fahrenheit surely that must be historic for them
  6. Let's not forget that very abnormal heat spike at the end of July 2020, think we got to 37c in Heathrow. After what was a cool month, it was very unexpected.
  7. I will never understand how people can enjoy heatwaves in this country, maybe if you had A.C it would be tolerable but the vast majority don't. UK houses retain heat so in the peak of summer during a 30c day it's unbearable, especially at night. A 20 - 25c summer day is pleasant, how it should be in this country.
  8. May and June were also quite cool. I can vividly remember how the max temp in February was higher than in May.
  9. If the warmth lasts till the last day who knows we could be going for a 6c CET. 3 years in a row with 6c+ February’s.
  10. Not really anything spectacular tbh but it was very cold in that wind. I’d rate it a 6/10 for cold and 1/10 for snow. One word to sum it all up, underwhelming. The cold spell from Christmas to 10th Jan was much better with 2 ice days and 4 snow days!
  11. Looking at the 18Z where do we see the CET going. Wouldn’t be surprised if we got to 5c. Fair to say this upcoming warm spell was very unexpected.
  12. Could be a month of extremes. Coldest February night since 1955, and very mild temperatures at the end.
  13. Goes to show we shouldn't call off winter just yet. Yes the synoptics are pretty bad for coldies but I wouldn't be surprised if the cold came back in March. The positioning of that high is key on whether we get spring or winter.
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