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  1. A bit late in posting 😂 but we done very well (relatively) down here in the far west of Cornwall today. Proper snow for a solid 6 hours and unlike elsewhere in the country, no issue with settling. Settled on the roads within minutes and didn't melt even as it eased 👌 Ended up with just over 3cm - not quite the 10-15cm the area had from the Feb 28th 2018 streamer and definitely not the 40cm Penzance had in 1987 😂 but I'm more than happy, was only anticipating a dusting at best. Also worth noting it was much more marginal than I was expecting. 2 miles down the road from me at s
  2. Again not particularly snowy for the SW but ECM 12z has -7 for West Cornwall mid week, that's rare to see!
  3. Still looking extremely knife edge for the extreme S/SW likes of here in Cornwall and Isle of Wight - looks like we may end up on the marginal side of 850s but dps perhaps still low enough? Although any frontal stuff moving up from the SW, I doubt we'd be looking at a Storm Emma with snow on immediate coastlines. All seems a bit so close but yet so far - still time for upgrades though ofc!
  4. ICON 12z a nice shift south for us in the far SW, finally into the proper cold air. Hopefully the trends continue on GFS.
  5. Thanks 🙂 Fingers crossed, we had 10-15cm down here in the west before Storm Emma from a channel streamer, was an epic event.
  6. Agreed, especially Cornwall/Devon. Synoptics looked great 4-5 days ago with the low well south into ctrl France but too far north now, Somerset eastwards could fair better perhaps. Netwx newbie btw 😆 well, been reading for a while but first time posting 🙂
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