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  1. Chucking down with rain here. Looking at radar going to be a wet afternoon. After the soaking winter we’ve had, a good old HP over us is very welcome
  2. After a couple hours of light/moderate snow flurries this morning it’s now pretty much blue skys with fair weather cloud. A lovely afternoon out of the wind and shade, that April sun sure has some strength 🙂
  3. Arrived back home from Canada last night visiting family. coming from -15c to +15c feels like a spring day In Spain here. The warmth here is very noticeable A anticyclonic spell on the way with dry conditions, much needed for the bogged waterlogged ground.
  4. 06:25 in the morning -8c by day and -17c at night. Proper cold, can’t wait
  5. Yes I’m under the precip with heavy echoes but just snowing here very very lightly, just flakes blowing around in the wind. Of course if it were rain it would be pouring down right now.
  6. Puddles in the road splashing from oncoming traffic and freezing on impact hitting objects above ground causing icicle effect. Loads of it around here on every flood prone road.
  7. Friend in Kidlington, Oxford has just messaged me it’s snowing lightly. That ppn out west sure does have an aggressive movement east considering the blocking cold.
  8. Beautiful pic but diddly squat to 99.5% of the British public that will go unnoticed to another ‘Cold night’ with no precipitation
  9. -1c here currently = cold for us I’m heading to Montreal tomorrow for work where it’s -12 by day for them = A mild day Thank god I’m not here to see the full blown British boring winter kick in next week aka Wind & Rain.
  10. Radar has ppn fading by the hour across EA and SE. looks to be a cold, clear night
  11. Cousin in Romford says it’s snowing with no accumulation We need the likes of the heavy showers intensity from Lincs northwards or pushing into Scotland to get going down here.
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