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  1. I seriously think the possibility of any Beast reaching as far my area in West Lancashire. The Atlantic is too strong due probably to La nina? My relations just 75 miles near Catterick sent snaps of many days of deep snow in N Yorkshire. Why 75 miles makes a difference escapes me. I. Have really never understood greater Manchester weather. On Sussex coast. I lived for 45 years. Was dry and cold especially in winter. With many snowy outbreaks in my school days. Also serious very heavy thunder storms in summer, which caused huge disruption and power cuts. Lancashire don't get thunder storms than
  2. Been raining most of early morning and on and off. So my planned mobility scooter run to M&S was rained off. It already dark here in Lancashire with black overcast depressing cloud cover. By 7.30pm Were told it will start the storm off, with rain overnight into Tuesday all day. Sadly the winter seasonal weather is now a thing now forgotten already. With only 2 inches here anyway. Strange weather as only 75 miles away my relations in North Yorkshire had quite a few days of heavy snow, but N West never seems to in right position for heavy and continues snow. I have really written off a
  3. Seems my area of NorthWest is completely out of it in the next days. There is no sign of any wintry weather West of Manchester which is annoying. Severe Weather Europe has posted an outbreak of very cold and snowy conditions for "Europe" but in fact the UK is not included in what they call Europe, we tend to be in this atlantic milder air, that will need a lot of pushing by a beast from the east to push it so far West. I think we in the West of the UK will get a continuation of Autumn. My windy chart for 21st january, shows Nothing like what SWE is showing for The UK come that day, in fact q
  4. Well, as you know I'm not very knowledgeable maths wise and the advanced nature of some of the data, which is out of my understanding, But I do watch Windy com every day, and look at various models and projected forecast for about 12 days . According the ECM sunday 17th looks interesting, and a very long finger of purple has got as far as Moscow, showing -26C, about the lowest its been through December. But in only 4-5 days later, the ECM places the purple finger all but to back to Siberia. I believe we need a Scandinavia high to allow any beast to flow.??? Of course the Newspapers, me
  5. As some posters say here the BBC seems to have a problem concerning next 8 days or so. So many changes to forecasts must leave even the general public confused. Only a few days ago, We was told the high pressure North of us would decline a little, letting in two, not one - but two Arctic low pressures to sit right over the UK, leading to more volatile weather than as now. These never materialized, instead they changed their minds to Easterly Airflow, with no sign of their Low pressures sitting over The UK with northerly winds. Now we have a completely different scenario, of a cold front
  6. Thanks for all those kind words. i really thought i was going to be sidelined because science and math's are my worst subject where as. Biology, Ecology, ornithology and Oceanography is my forte. I dont know where the BBC is going with this, but appears to be the wrong way to me!!! Northerly in January, especially with strong wind chill, cant be anything short of freezing can it? An earlier longer range possibility by Mr Stanous of the BBC remarked that high pressure moving north and low pressure to south suggest a change in wind direction and although he said some east coastal showers may b
  7. Hello, just an update. I wont be continuing my forum here, its more for techically advanced people than me an old analogue person who only uses farenheit still. So I dont really fit in. Just to say, I have seen quite a bit of snow in Wigan today, more than for several years. Its lovely to watch and blackbirds were sitting in the snow at 7am in the day awaiting their first food. After that I managed to feed 36 in total of robins some tits, and more than the usual sparrows. I end my time here, with a longer range forecast I seen online today. The High pressure to the left of us for so long
  8. Afternoon guys. Well the weather is as bad as it gets here in N West. We haven't really had day break at all this week. Its been a little bit light by 10am. but already by 3.30pm its so dark you cant even read a newspaper. Add to that hours and hours of heavy rain that keeps us olduns inside, unless you have a car. Very depressing for December. And to add salt to our injurys, Japan has had a sudden mind blowing Snowstorm, and New York pictures of The winter wonderland in Central park, makes me even more annoyed I didn't emigrate to British Columbia Canada to join my sister back in 1977-78. Pl
  9. well I wouldnt say Im Blinkered.....i appreciate your words valleyboy, but to say the seventies didnt have much snow i must disagree. But then that depends on your location. i worked both in a factory and a railway station during the whole of the seventies. Each year Sussex coast got pummeled with very heavy snow showers blowing in off the Channel. Most of the newspaper london trains never got to the coast, as they were stuck by snow somewhere between Victoria Station and Lewes, which like now suffers flooding, but in my days that was banked up snow. and third rail trains stuck many times, a
  10. Morning. I'm going to buck the trend here. I know I'm a newbie here, but really you all been bought up on computer modelling which I don't agree with. Your all trying to look for signs ,like trying to determine when a volcano is going to erupt. Weather is a natural part of our planet. It is to nature and local observations you should be acquired and is healthier than sitting stuck on screen in central heating. The weather climate I started getting to in 1963 was vastly different to what it has become since the early nineties. I was bought up bill Giles and Michael fish analogue times. I
  11. Hi Guys, thanks for chipping in with comments. Interestingly 2010 was a La Nina year. Although didn't really see more than an inch or two in Blackpool at the time. "Most models indicate that the 2020/2021 La NiƱa is likely to be a moderate to strong event. ". However I'm not convinced on its own it will bring harsh winter to UK. Previous La Nina years going back many years, were not embroiled in anomaly busting global warming. However, on my studies of the Polar Vortex of late, its been suggested that so much warming is and has occurred, that the theory is, that it could increase the cha
  12. Hi ! Just joined while looking browsing some Ice sheet updates. I may be new here, but I have been studying weather and climate since 1963 so Im pretty old. But my experience living through the sixties and seventies is second to none, so Im reasonably up with current events. However I was bought up most of my life in Analogue and basic principles. I don't take much notice of all these computers, they are far away from how I forecast and look at general themes. I have always used Nature itself to forecast and look at pointers to trends. In January 1963 We had on the South east Sussex coast
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