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  1. Looks like colder weather might be trying to make a comeback then. Hopefully we can squeeze one last decent cold spell out of this winter before spring properly sets in.👍
  2. Parallel run is a stonker. There definitely seems to be a growing signal for an easterly during the first week of March now.😃
  3. Interesting GFS 12z this afternoon. Another notable cold spell is definitely possible during early March!
  4. If there is a late season cold spell, I hope it comes in the form of p10 as this would certainly be an impressive way to end the winter.❄️
  5. I haven’t posted much recently but I’d personally welcome some warmer weather turning up soon as I’d love to be able to spend some more time outdoors. I was hoping for a decent snow event before the winter is over, and that may still happen, but in the meantime I’ll happily enjoy an early taste of spring if these charts verify.😎 Just to add, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed posting on here during the winter months and I’m so glad that I joined the forum back in November as this hobby has kept me going during the lockdown when there’s been little else to do and it has been a great season of model w
  6. I was going to have a break from model watching but the ECM 12z at t216 has definitely drawn me back in again. The chase for the next easterly begins here.😅
  7. GFS, GFS(p) and GEM 12z runs are all showing the possibility of a snow event next Monday. Arpege 12z is showing a snow event as early as Sunday.❄️ GFS: GFS(p): GEM: Arpege:
  8. A summary of the recent cold spell here in Cambridge. Unfortunately it has been a complete non-event once again here. Hope everyone has had a lovely week in the snow though, I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures and videos.😊
  9. The pub run has a decent snow event on Sunday/Monday.👍
  10. GFS 12z has a fantastic snow event next Monday. It shows what’s possible with this setup even if we don’t manage to develop another easterly.👍❄️
  11. The milder period has virtually disappeared on the GEFS 18z ensemble suite. The mean now only ‘recovers’ to -5C by the 13th February where previously it rose above 0C. Interesting times ahead for sure.👍
  12. Decent JMA 12z out to t192. It would only take a small shift north of the ridge to be an excellent chart.
  13. Update from Cambridge. Hope everyone has enjoyed their snow today.😊❄️
  14. How the ‘mild blip’ started vs how it’s going.😅
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