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  1. It hasn't stopped snowing here since last night. All be it light for most of the time.
  2. It doesn't give a time. It was when the app updated to drop of the daytime forecast
  3. Just updated for this evening
  4. Met Office update. Longer spells of snow for Down and Armagh tonight
  5. That's not what their forecast for Ulster is saying
  6. Met IE still bullish with their red warnings for later
  7. I know Neiller, but can you imagine if we get another foot on top of this?!
  8. So latest update for tomorrows warning looks less likely for NI to get much snow but it does say significant uncertainty
  9. Still no signs of stopping. Must have nearly a foot of snow in Moira
  10. It's weird. That blob doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Could be on for the day
  11. I know. Met IE forecast very different