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  1. Go to your happy places everybody because this is not great, especially for the west... Happy Xmas Leon🎄🎅
  2. Good evening everyone, How are you all?, Hope you're well. I woke up this morning to these charts... These charts could mean a toppler with further runs going well. Thanks, Leon🎅🎄
  3. Bit disappointed, Bought a new telescope, collimated it and aligned it, adjusted it and set it up. And guess what? There's likely to be no clear skies for the next 12 days Absolutely Brill
  4. A hypothetical particle known as the ultralight boson could be responsible for our universe's dark matter. While the ultralight boson isn’t directly observable, it might clump up around black holes, triggering an exotic mechanism that causes it to explode — in a massive burst of gravitational waves. Even better: these gravitational waves may be detectable with the next generation of detectors.
  5. Ghostly circles of radio emission, hanging out in space like cosmic smoke-rings, can't be explained by current theories. And astronomers are excited to figure them out.
  6. These charts could show an early sign of an arctic northernly if further 12z models show signs of it coming down south rather than south-west and could being snow with good further runs of models... This is my first post on this thread
  7. Time's a-ticking, on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will have the close encounter of a lifetime. You'll be able to see them in the same telescope field of view! Have Fun!
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