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  1. I'm not talking about Monday through the week, i'm talking about years of false hope to everyone who loves snow!!!!! I can guarantee every year i read this site (13 years) i read a carbon copy every year by Andymusic! The snow is coming!! LOL
  2. I must say, I've been a long time reader since 2005, but Andy i hate it when you get everyone's hopes up all the time! Especially to the non educated about the weather! Why post charts after charts than never verify?! Maybe for the mountains but not for the majority of normal people in Wales. If i'm honest your posts just give people false hope if they love snow. Anyway enough said
  3. Sorry hope i didn't offend you, i know what you mean though, things happen within this country,but when it happens to the South East its main news!!!!!!!!! There are people living outside of this area
  4. Rare down south, Maybe? try living in South Wales. Battered by constant wave after wave of depressions from the South West for almost 2 months!!
  5. I think the last bit of my remaining fence will take off shortly!!
  6. After quite a lull here in Swansea for the last few hours, where has this come from??
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