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  1. 10 hours ago, Azazel said:

    I do lad - you won't find me sniping at people who enjoy the cold in the winter - but you will find plenty who revel in the misery of others when its cool/rainy in the summer.


    Nice try though.

    Well you can look on the bright side with the fact the warmer half of the year is rapidly approaching.


    Me?  I think I'm going to invest in some portable AC and blackout curtains for the months of sweaty misery ahead.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Azazel said:

    Lol - you just described exactly how you ‘cold fans’ are all winter long.

    ’wahhh it’s not cold enough, wahhh mArGinAL, wahhh those 850s are too high, wahhh the cold spell is still 240 hours away but I’m going to look for charts 90000 hours away to complain about a potential breakdown of the cold which hasn’t even happened yet’ 

    And let’s be honest, this site has a strange, ingrained bias towards cold weather and always has - so much so you get ‘cold fans’ coming into the summer threads during summer to just snipe and troll. It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. 

    I would be quite happy with 20+ degrees all year long apart from maybe a week around Christmas to make it feel seasonal.

    Some of us simply do not like the cold. It’s time to understand that. 

    And some of us like the cold and hate the heat.


    It's time to understand that.


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  3. 1 minute ago, Atleastitwillbemild said:

    When it comes to the this particular corner of the world as far as mild, wet winters go rain go then it can never be too cold, or two warm. It can never be to too strong an El Nino, too westerly based or a Midoki easterly instead.

    It can be mild and wet through a weak La Nina. Or a moderate one. Or record breakingly, WTF is going in the pacific, has god dropped the ice from his gin and tonic in there strong one.

    ts never too late in the year or too early for a mild wet spell.

    Disappointingly mild wind and rain can come from any direction whether the wind is northerly, easterly, southerly, northeastery, from the basement of hell in the centre of the Earth or from outer space. 

    It can be mild and wet through a negative AO. It can be mild and wet despite a strongly negative NAO. It can be mild and wet for days after a massive SSW or weeks after. It can stay mild and wet through all phases of the MJO. It can be mild and wet throughout the entire phase of an easterly QBO, as well as a westerly.

    It can be mild and wet under a cold inversion, or a two day toppler. It can be mild and wet after a poor summer of persistent northern blocking and little ice age style washout summers. It can be mild and wet despite a warm, dry, sunny October promisingly matching patterns that just practically spell out severe winter - I mean, jut look at the projected predictions matching with previous autumns with similar patterns! How can it fail!?

    It can stay mild and wet as the Spanish plains white out with snow and the beaches of Turkey freeze over with ice and the roofs collapse with snow weight in the villages of Bulgaria and the children dance barefoot with delight in the unusually heavy snow in Cyprus. 

    It can be mild and wet despite Met office predictions and the JMA. It can deliver nothing but mild rain despite the promises of the the ECM, the GFS,  the Jamstec charts and the tea leaves at the bottom of granny's teacup.

    It can be mild and wet in winter despite a perfect tripole in May.

    t can stay mild and wet despite the abundance of berries on every bush and fat squirells crying into their video diary about how they love their bodies and will no longer allow themselves to be fat shamed. It will be mild and wet despite the cold september theory, the foggy autumn theory, the warm october theory.

    It can stay mild and wet while the super powers nuke themselves into oblivion at the same time as Yellowstone's caldera supervolcano explodes and releases 50 billion megatons of dust into the atmosphere plummeting the world's temperature by 10 degrees. The entire northern hemisphere could be covered in glaciers burying all the crop growing areas in ice and making the raging blizzards of frozen volcanic ash and radioactive snow over the major landmasses totally unliveable as billions from hypothermia buried under snow drifts 60 foot high and YOU KNOW. 

    You know it don't don't you? There'll still be a little corner of the northwest Eurasian landmass, ice free, basking in mild westerlies. It will still be 13c and drizzle while the survivors dig potatoes and rye from the lukewarm earth commenting on how at least its 'mild' compared to saudi arabia right now. 


    And there you have it, the "great British weather" in a nutshell.

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  4. Nice fall of snow earlier and now the sky is clear with the moon shining down on the snowfields.  Couldn't look any more seasonal out there at the moment.  Best thing is it's still the time of year with the longest nights and with more cold to come this could be the best winter here since 2012-13, even if it does turn mild for the 2nd half of January.

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  5. MetO forecast winds here continue to be downgraded for my part of the West Midlands.  Yesterday they were forecasting 28mph sustained with 54mph gusts around midnight tonight, now as of 11pm winds are forecast to top out around 24 sustained with 45mph gusts.  Quite a drop and I can't say I'm sorry to see the reduction - I hate strong winds.

  6. The netweather forecast headline at the bottom of the page sums it up sadly - there is no uncertainty abut the mild weather to come, but cold?  That's just hints at the moment, hints that are probably not going to come off.


    I hope I'm wrong but my gut tells me it'll be unsettled, wet and probably very windy this Christmas, with whatever Atlantic ridging showing at the moment flattening out, and then back to default, putrid mild southwesterlies by New Year.

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