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  1. A nice pleasant benign morning with a little brightness and no wind.whilst walking the dog in the local woods it struck me this year the abundance of acorns this year.We have lived here 8 years and I have never seem so many ever!!Is it a precursor to a cold winter or a load of tosh?If it does turn out to be a colder than average winter then maybe we could add the Acorn Index to the list of things we look at in the search of cold winters😉
  2. Do like look of Meteo-France for February though-nice Scandi block would I would have thought give a cold UK with winds from the east?😉
  3. Yes it does but if majority of models are to be believed January and February would revert back to +NAO.Be uncanny if it did happen like that akin to 2010.In this part of the world it was very cold from mid November till about 28th December and then that was it for frost and snow as it was mild and damp January & February.Interesting times.
  4. Just a miserable day today in Locksbottom.only hit a maximum of 10.3 today and that was about 10.30 in the early hint of brightness that quickly descended into dark skies and steady persistent rain from late morning which is still falling as I type.most of the afternoon the temperature was between 8.5-9 degrees, a good 4-5 degrees below the average for this time of year!.Next 3-5 days look cool but hopefully mainly dry and after that far too much uncertainty to make a definitive call-atm best guess would be slightly milder but more unsettled for this part of the world.
  5. Love this time of year.Anticipation of blocking,solar minimum,IOD,el Nino or La Niña,spread of Siberian snow cover ,-NAO & AO.So many considerations in the search for cold and snow for the UK.at present certain models are slowly moving towards a blocked pattern for November and December that will slowly wane in January and February and bring milder temperatures compared to average but nothing is set in stone.The one thing that does concern me is that in recent years the PV does always ramp up in late November/early December just when you don’t want it too and the building excitement turns
  6. Agree and hate to see that type of thing.Both were just yellows but if you send one off you have to send both off.Lamela’s reaction to just a little tap in the mouth that really disappoints and infuriates me.What also annoys me is the reckless and disgraceful assault by Shaw on Lucas!!😡.Yes it is born out of frustration but is a red all day long!, Other than that thought we played well after a dreadful start and we finally played with pace and tempo.Harry and Son were exceptional in speed of thought and play.Two weeks ago I thought we looked a mid table team but signs were there against N
  7. Lashing it down here and only 7.8 degrees and wind got up now so feels even colder.think a roast and a red wine day today👍
  8. Just started raining heavily here in Locksbottom but those 15 miles West of me look like they will receive a lot of rain in next few hours.As others have said if this had been early December this thread would have gone into meltdown with copious amounts of snow ❄️!!
  9. Been bright here for a good hour and a half but the rain comes back big time tonight with possibly an inch of rain from 10pm tonight till 10am tomorrow! If that happens we would have exceeded the monthly October average and it is only the 4th tomorrow 😂!,
  10. Been one of the worst days weather wise for a good few months here in Locksbottom.Temperature only deviated from 9.2-12.3 all day and it is raining very heavily here as I type with a lot more to come in the next 6-8 hours.Hopefully some improvement here from late morning tomorrow!!
  11. Not an expert but I think that suggests extensive blocking in October which for UK would give a greater probability of a below average month temperature wise,blocking eases in November so maybe not too bad relative to average temperature wise and mid latitude blocking which again could indicate a colder than average month temperature wise.That is my interpretation and I could be off the mark.Also that is only CFS interpretation of next 3 months so don’t treat it as gospel lol!
  12. Looks like a Moderate/strong La Niña but a slightly negative IOD(believe it was positive last Autumn/Winter) and with us going out of a Solar minimum I still feel we will achieve a few good cold spells and tend to agree with CC That these will come in the first half of winter.Interesting times me thinks..
  13. Agree-although unseasonably cold I don’t put heating on till 1st November!!if it’s cold before then we just put another layer on indoors.Helps keep the fuel costs down over the winter months👍
  14. Didn’t even reach 14 degrees here in Locksbottom today and been dull this afternoon with drizzle on and off.currently 11.2 and nearly dark already.Feels like mid October rather than late August !
  15. Started raining here in Locksbottom just before 9am when there were some fairly moderate bursts.Since lunchtime mainly heavy drizzly type rain and temperature been pretty static between 18-19 degrees.Looks like a couple hours moderate rain in the early hours and then a couple bright breezy days.Longer Range looks not too bad for SE with not too much rain in forecast and temps in late teens to early 20s so very pleasant in the sun👍
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