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  1. You do know global warming makes millions of dollar industry and taxes people over in America? Yes I’m a climate denier and you people are crying and throwing your dummy out the pram because we have no snow in December? Since when were Decembers filled with snow. It’s very rare! It’s mostly end of jan/feb the uk gets snow! If one say we get a bunch of winters filled with snow 3 month solid straight, you would still call it climate change. You’ve been brainwashed I’m afraid
  2. You guys are so annoying! Climate change has nothing to do with it! We’ve rarely had white Decembers!!!!
  3. I’m ashamed of you guys hyping up a white Xmas! Shame on you! I’m disgusted
  4. Where’s the links please that show a 3 degree increase in uk or have you made that up? You’re acting like it hasn’t snowed at all in the uk for years 😂 the uk has never had consecutive severe cold winters throughout the whole 3 months. It’s always been hit and miss. Climate change, YES the climate does change with its natural cycles. Not man made thank you
  5. What are you on about? There has been snow up north and snow showers in the uk to lower levels in December.
  6. What people don’t seem to understand is. America, Canada and all other places get heavy snow every winter. Even Australia had snow this season to lower levels. So if it’s global warming why is not affecting these countries? Just makes me laugh how everyone says it’s “climate change” when we get loads abnormal amounts of snow, and then say it’s “climate change” when we get zero snow. What is it gonna be? It’s called WEATHER
  7. Your December forecast is seeming to be wrong as we head into a cold spell with signals pretty much all month
  8. Metoffice going for 5% chance of being cold. 😂Weren’t they the ones who predicted a colder than average 2018-2019 and it turned out mild?!!
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