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  1. That would certainly feel quite bracing down the East coast. 🥶
  2. It's rained almost all day today, with just a couple of brief breaks. It's times like this when I'm glad I don't live near any rivers.
  3. A bit of autumn sunshine with some good nighttime fog would be great. In the meantime I'm going to hunker down and enjoy the coming windy and wet spell.
  4. From what I've read I'm definitely banking on a front-loaded winter this year. Some decent cold and snow around Christmas would be great.
  5. So a front-loaded winter could be on the cards then?
  6. May as well go for milder than average (which is the new norm...), so 12.5C 174 mm
  7. Beautifully fresh and breezy outside right now, and with the cloud breaking a little perhaps heralding a sunny, fresh autumn day to come. Nothing better than a nice bit of autumnal sunshine.
  8. It's much warmer than I expected, or what the Met O forecast was forecasting as recently as yesterday. Feels like August all over again. Looking forward to the fresher, if still sunny weather later this week.
  9. Best: No 5) 2008/09 Not the coldest but some good snowy spells, especially in early January. No 4) 2012/13 A back-loaded winter but good, powdery snow at times in January. Cold February and v cold March. No 3 ) 2010/11 The December to remember. Shame it was mostly all over by January though. No 2 ) 1995/96 Good cold spells in December and February. Also followed by a chilly spring. No 1 ) 2009/10 Fantastic cold snowy spells in all three months. Best spell was early January, but February had some good snow too. Worst: No 5 ) 1997/98 Don't remember
  10. That huge high over the north Pacific looks as persistent as ever. I was wondering (apologies if this is the wrong forum) if that high in the N Pacific has had anything to do with the recent wildfires over the western United States.
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