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  1. After a morning of dead calm the anno, anemoni, amenom, wind thingy has sprung to life with a maximum (only) gust of the day at 2mph! High above, the thin cloud is heading north to south and breaking up slightly as it goes. Temperature 6.2deg.C up from a minimum of -1.0deg.C at 01:32, humidity is 90%, no wind, pressure is 1028.8hPa steady, there's been 0.2mm of rain today and cloud cover is 7/8.
  2. Sunny and dry after a wet start, wind light westerly, minimum temp 6.8deg.C, now 8.6deg.C, 1/8 cloud.
  3. Happy St. Andrew's Day fellow scotty threaders and what a fine, sunny day it is for the occasion. Temperature 8.6deg.C down from a maximum of 9.6deg.C at 11:17 and up from a minimum of 6.8deg.C at 02:21, humidity 86%, wind3 to 16 mph westerly, pressure 1018.4hPa steady, 8.8mm of rain since midnight and cloud cover is 1/8 with only frontal cloud beginning to appear to the west.
  4. Overcast today but no mist and so quite bright. There's a lunar eclipse tomorrow according to Diablo. We'll see... Temperature 6.5deg.C up from a minimum of -0.1deg.C at 03:52, humidity is 94%, wind 0 to 5mph north-northwesterly, pressure 1027.5hPa dropping, no rain today and total cloud cover.
  5. Heavy night last night, woke at 11:45, dragged myself out of bed at 13:15, so not much idea of what the weather's been like. Seemed sunny enough though. Temperature now 3.7deg.C down from a maximum of 7.1deg.C at 12:43 and up from a minimum of 2.2deg.C at 09:24, humidity is 85%, wind between 0 and 5mph northerly, pressure 1024.1hPa rising and there's been 0.4mm of rain since midnight. Right, I've been up long enough...
  6. Clouding over after a bright start, now 4/8 cover, calm, dry, temp now 6.8deg.C, minimum was 2.3deg.C just after midnight.
  7. @101_North You need to move your house round the other side of that tree. Temperature 6.8deg.C up from 2.3deg.C at 00:06, humidity 78%, wind 0 to 2mph southeasterly, pressure 1020.8hPa falling, no rain since midnight and 0.4mm in the last 24 hours and cloud cover is 3/8 thin and high.
  8. I was thinking Old MacPuffy. Either will do. In case you find yourself locked away in a packing crate later, I hope you enjoy a good journey tomorrow on the way to having a great time in Canada. All the best for the future. Temperature is 5.3deg.C up from a minimum of 0.0deg.C at 05:15, humidity is 98%, wind is zero with a maximum gust of 1mph at 00:03, pressure is 1022.5hPa steady and there's been 0.2mm of rain since midnight.
  9. Dull, damp, calm, 7/8 cloud cover, minimum temperature was 4.3deg.C at 05:54.
  10. Well, it looks like I've bought the farm. Not in the American slang kind of way, thankfully. I mean I've bought a actual agricultural arrangement of arable and animals, or at least a share in one. Saw it yesterday morning, offer in yesterday afternoon, accepted this morning. That's the way to do it. Additionally I now own part of a tractor, a mower, a baler, a Ford Capri (disassembled), three kit cars (disassembled), another land rover (disassembled), two highland coos, sixteen sheeps, twelve chickens, a goat, six ducks, a large workshop and some decent workshop machinery. Quite excited about
  11. @Blitzen You nearly had me then. I almost read the instructions. An inch of rain so far today.
  12. Four day flight? What on earth a you flying in? A Gypsy moth? Anyway, it looks terrible. You poor thing having to subject yourself to mountains and snow and stuff.
  13. Go! I'm sure it's okay. Go anyway. I'm off to look at a farm this morning, about 10 miles north of here. More accurately, I'm off to look at part of a farm. The part my daughter and her boyfriend can't afford. However if it means that I don't have to kill myself getting to their fourth floor tenement flat in Glasgow then I'm happy to invest. Temperature 9.9deg.C up from a minimum of 9,3deg.C at 03:57, humidity is 94%, wind is 3 to 6mph generally southerly with a gust of 18mph at 08:14, pressure is 1007.5hPa falling and it's currently raining with 17.4mm since midnight and 35.6mm in the la
  14. Not a bad morning at all, really, if it wasn't for a post rugby disappointment hangover. Temperature 8.0deg.C up from a minimum of 4.8deg.C at 08:36, humidity is 85%, wind 4 to 8mph generally southeasterly with a maximum gust of 13mph, pressure is 1018.2hPa falling, no rain since midnight and cloud cover is 4/8.
  15. Oh lord, have we just beaten the Mad House to discussions of next winter's potential?
  16. Darker now than it was two hours ago, cloud building and temperature dropping. Minimum temperature last night was 3.8deg.C.
  17. Pulmonary fibrosis, so serious enough; I expect that the CT Scans are to keep track of how serious. And to update the consultants' sweepstake, obviously.
  18. I had a CT Scan this morning at the regional hospital that meant getting up at 08:30. On a Sunday! Nice trip though as the sun was out and there was only the odd spit spot of rain. But Chilly. The hospital seemed almost empty, my appointment was on time and I was in and out again in fifteen minutes. Result! Temperature 6.2deg.C up from a minimum of 3.8deg.C at 07:27, humidity is 90%, wind is very light southeasterly, pressure is 1023.4hPa, there's been 0.8mm of rain since midnight and 5mm in the last 24 hours and cloud cover is 3/8.
  19. Drizzle, dull, coolish and light breeze, overnight low of 7.4deg.C.
  20. A light grey sort of morning; just the weather for Level 4. Temperature 8.3deg.C up from a minimum of 7.4deg.C at 05:06, humidity 92%, wind1 to 4mph with a max gust of 20mph at 01:03, pressure 1011.7hPa rising, 8.8mm of rain has fallen since midnight and 12.2mm in the last 24 hours.
  21. Level 4 from teatime tonight so preparing to go out for a third-day-in-a-row lunch, but back into wellies and waterproofs today after smart shoes and tweed jacket yesterday. Temperature 8.8deg.C up from 2.7deg.C at 00:03, humidity 97%, very light southerly breeze with a max of 5mph, pressure 1024.3hPa falling, 2.2mm of rain today and there is total cloud cover.
  22. The promised high pressure holiday has arrived and it's clear, calm and sunny outside. It's also cold. Meanwhile Diablo's promise of snow has proved to be entirely without foundation and I'm beginning to think that it works for the Daily Express. Temperature 1.5deg.C up from a minimum of 1.0deg.C twenty minutes ago, humidity is 96%, it's currently calm and pressure is 1028.4hPa rising quickly while 0.2mm of rain has fallen since midnight.
  23. Cool! Talking of which, temperature now down to 7.2deg.C and rainfall up to 16.4mm for the day.
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