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  1. Yes, I'm sure she was. Just wait there while I go and get the folded arms jacket...
  2. Only because you’ve fallen for his imaginary sister-in-law who’s going with him.
  3. Drizzle out of 8/8 cloud cover, very light southerly breeze, minimum temp 5.9deg.C at 7am.
  4. It's a drizzly sort of morning. No use to anyone. Temperature currently 8.6deg.C up from a minimum of 5.9deg.C at 07:00, humidity is 94%, very light south-southeasterly breeze, pressure is 1001.6hPa falling, and there's been 3.2mm of rain today and 14.4mm in the last 24 hours.
  5. Cloudy here also but damp and wind varying between 5 and 11mph southeasterly. Temp 7.7deg.C with a minimum of 6.6deg.C at 08:01.
  6. Temperature currently 7.1deg.C up from a minimum of 6.6deg.C at 08:01, humidity is 91%, wind is at 4 or 5mph from the south to southwest with a maximum gust of 12mph, pressure is 991.1 rising slowly, 1mm of rain has fallen since midnight and cloud cover is 8/8. All in all a fairly uneventful autumn day so far.
  7. It stayed dry this morning until just as we got back from an early lunch at 1pm, although a cold wind encouraged a brisk walking pace, but once the light rain started it kept going for most of the afternoon. Maximum temperature was 9.5deg.C at 12:02, maximum wind speed was 22mph at 14:43, 11mm of rain fell since midnight and 8/8 cloud cover remained in place all day.
  8. Reasonably bright through 8/8 cloud, damp from rain earlier, minimum temp 5.6deg.C.
  9. A bright enough morning today if a bit damp and chilly. Temperature currently 8.0deg.C up from a minimum of 5.6deg.C at 04:18, humidity is 92%, wind is very light at 3mph from the south to southwest and a max gust of 8mph half an hour ago, pressure is 989.8hPs falling fast, there's been 0.6mm of rain today with 2.8mm in the last 24 hours and cloud cover is 8/8.
  10. Had a bit of everything this morning, ground is still wet but the sky is clearing in the north and still horrible to the south. Which of my clocks are right? Temperature currently 9.1deg.C up from 7.7deg.C minimum at 02:57, humidity is 92%, very light wind recorded as coming from the east, northeast, northwest and west in the last hour, pressure is 989.2hPa rising and there's been 8.6mm of rain since midnight.
  11. @mistyqueen I have a pal who had to have his jaw wired following an ice hockey injury. He lived on nothing but Guinness for a month. He says he can't remember how much pain he was in, which he sees as a good thing. Enjoy your red wine! Today I'll be heading up to visit my parents for a picnic lunch. Into the valley of deaf.... Wish me luck. Temperature currently 8.9deg.C up from a minimum of 5.5deg.C at 00:53, humidity is 84%, wind around 4mph south to southeasterly with a max gust of 14mph, pressure is 985.6hPa rising, and there's been 1.0mm of rain since midnight and in the last 24 hour
  12. Sun is out and it's cleared up nicely from a dull and damp start with a minimum temp of 6.2deg.C at midnight.
  13. Saturday mornings would be a lost less uncomfortable if they didn't follow Friday nights. Someone organise a rearrangement. Also, was woken this morning with torrential rain battering off the skylight. That won't do either. Temperature currently 9.9deg.C up from minimum of 6.2deg.C at midnight, humidity is 85%, wind has been between 2 and 18mph today, south to southeasterly, pressure is 990.7hPa, and there's been 11.8mm of rain since midnight with a maximum rate of 64.4mm/hr, which I think is what woke me up.
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