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  1. Today is mainly about rain. Not the constant, floating smirr of yesterday, but proper falling drops of rain. Strange thing is, it’s coming from all directions; sometimes hitting the windows at the front of the house, sometimes the back, sometimes slanted north to south and sometimes south to north. Currently not raining but it’s not far away. Temperature 14.1⁰C high for the day up from a low of 12.3⁰C at 11:20, humidity is 88%, wind 2 to 13mph sort of southerly right now, pressure is 1005.0hPa falling slowly, there’s been 6.0mm of rain today and 9.2mm in the last 24 hours and cloud cover is 8/8.
  2. The constant drizzle today was so fine that it didn’t seem to reach the ground but hung about just waiting for you to walk through it, and then it soaked you. Highest temperature was 14.4⁰C at 12:54, humidity was 93% to 95% all day, highest gust of wind was 7mph southeasterly at 15:00, pressure is now 1010.7hPa rising slowly, there’s been 10.6mm of rain today and 14.4mm in the last 24 hours and cloud cover was stuck at 8/8 throughout.
  3. Today is dull, overcast, mild and calm. That’s all I have to say on the matter. Temperature currently the high for the day at 13.8⁰C up from a low of 10.9⁰C at midnight, humidity is 95%, wind is 0 to 5mph south-southeasterly, pressure is 1008.5hPa rising slowly, there’s been 7.8mm of rain today and 15.8mm in the last 24 hours, and cloud cover is a heavy 8/8.
  4. I turned my boiler on yesterday morning when the internal temperature in the house fell below 16⁰C for the first time this autumn. The unusually hot summer had heated the 80cm thick cottage walls sufficiently to retain heat for longer than normal. However, the boiler is set to miser rate and only two radiators are on. House now at 18.1⁰C, which is plenty in my book but apparently up for discussion elsewhere...
  5. Oh right enough, there we are, just where we belong. By yesterday lunchtime a cloud had billowed up, and it was slowly joined throughout the afternoon by little friends, but they did nothing to spoil a beautifully warm and sunny day. Could have been Spring or Summer. I went up to the farm to see the pigs off and agree cuts with the butcher, then spent a couple of delightful hours sitting out the back of the steading with the sun on my face and a hen on my knee. Temperature currently at a high of 9.2⁰C up from a balmy low of 5.1⁰C at 07:18, humidity is 86%, wind 0 to 1mph southeasterly, pressure is 1016.7hPa steady, there’s been no rain in the last 24 hours and cloud cover is back to a solid 8/8.
  6. I remember Scotland being used as a guinea pig before, by that manky besom Thatcher, which didn't end well. In fact there was a bit of a stooshie. Can't find much to complain about here though. Except finding the place. First frost day of the season with a low of -0.2⁰C at 06:53 now up to 2.8⁰C, humidity is 96%, wind 0 to 2mph southeasterly, pressure 1021.7hPa rising slowly, there’s been 0.2mm of rain today and 3.0mm in the last 24 hours, cloud cover is a big fat 0/8. The map thing isn’t for me. I’m an undercover guinea pig. Talking of which, time to get up.
  7. Today is breezy but dry so far, which is good because this morning I shall mostly be fitting a new starter motor and turbo actuator to the Land Rover and I don’t want rain running down the gutter while I’m lying in it. High temperature was 11.9⁰C at 03:06 dropping to a low of 11.1⁰C at 07:00 and now 11.6⁰C, (the temperature elf isn’t exactly bursting a gut, is he?) humidity is 84%, wind between 3 and 17mph southwesterly, pressure is 1016.2hPa dropping like a stone, there’s been no rain today and cloud cover is 8/8. Again. Right, where’s my hammer..?
  8. It’s been completely overcast again this morning, chilly, breezy and the drizzle has returned. A perfect day to test my new winter jacket. The leaves are turning here now also. Temperature high was 13.7⁰C at 13:12 just before the rain started dropping the temp to 11.8⁰C now and up from a low of 11.4⁰C at 06:43, humidity is 88%, wind is 3 to 11mph westerly, pressure is 1024.4hPa steady, there’s been 0.2mm of rain today and cloud cover is a fairly thick 8/8.
  9. A mainly overcast day again with just a couple of flashes of sunshine in the morning left a day with a temperature high of 15.8⁰C at 12:19 up from a low of 11.3⁰C at 00:14, humidity low of 82% at 12:34 and high of 93% now, maximum wind gust was 7mph westerly at 01:16, pressure high was 1025.6hPa at 01:10 low of 1023.5hPa at 05:38 and now 1025.1hPa steady, there’s been 0.2mm of rain today and cloud cover has been 6/8 in the morning to 8/8 after lunchtime.
  10. Some very light rain around teatime has produced 0.2mm of rainfall, the temperature is now 10.8⁰C, pressure is down to 1026.1hPa and still falling slowly, wind has dropped to 1mph westerly and the 8/8 cloud cover means no northern lights are visible here.
  11. Quite a nice morning, for October, with decent brightness, only a light breeze and just the hint of a chill in the air. All in all, very usable. Temperature currently maximum for the day at 13.1⁰C up from a low of 7.9⁰C at 07:03, humidity is 82%, wind 2 to 8mph westerly, pressure is 1028.7hPa falling slowly, there’s been no rainfall in the last 24 hours and cloud cover is 7/8.
  12. A changeable sort of day really, generally a sort of bright overcast but with short spells of sunshine and a few light showers interspersed throughout. Temperature high of 14.0⁰C at 14:08 up from the low of 7.0⁰C at 06:49 and now 10.6⁰C, humidity 82%, wind 0 to 12mph westerly, pressure is 1028.5hPa steady, there’s been 0.2mm of rain today and 0.4mm in the last 24 hours, cloud cover has varied between 6/8 and 8/8.
  13. The light rain continued pretty much unabated until 6pm at which point the sun came out. Briefly. Temperature now down to 7.7⁰C, humidity at 93%, maximum gust of wind was 13mph southeasterly at 13:09, pressure now up to 1028.2hPa and rising slowly, rainfall total for today is now 4.8mm and cloud cover reduced to 7/8 just before sunset.
  14. The heating hasn’t been on yet this autumn and the temperature inside is still 17.3⁰C so, with all that saved cash, I might buy myself an ice cream cone. Temperature outside had maximum of 15.1⁰C at 03:38 and minimum of 14.1⁰C now, humidity is 92%, wind speed from 2 to 11mph south-southeasterly, pressure is 1024.7hPa steady, there’s been 2.0mm of rain today and 3.0mm in the last 24 hours with light rain now and cloud cover is 8/8.
  15. Me and my big mouth – it is now wetter. Considerably wetter. I’ve just had to reverse the Landy out of the ford on the back road to the village with my tail between my legs. I usually quite like going sideways in a car, but not whilst floating. Temperature now maximum was 15.3⁰C at 12:50 up from a minimum of 14.4⁰C at 08:40 and now 15.1⁰C, humidity is 91%, wind 1 to 8mph southerly, pressure is 1025.0hPa rising slowly, there’s been 20.4mm of rain today and 27.2mm in the last 24 hours, and cloud cover is 8/8 and thick enough for it to be quite dark already.
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