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  1. I dunno what you mean as I get random weather stuff with just the words 1979 when I type that in.
  2. What parts of the UK are good or bad at handling snow and wintery weather?
  3. I looked or tried to look at the rest of his 'channel' but it's a mess like they just haphazardly threw it all together. Do these people have no concepts of playlists? They throw everything into 'videos' so you have to shuffle thru hundreds of videos. Sadly no one will do it. Do phone people not mind things being done randomly as on a PC it's click scroll click scroll click and scroll or scroll and click.
  4. On the third picture why is the fog so dense to the left? Some kind of water source there?
  5. Do you think it could be where on the high pressure your placed? If your on the north or eastern end of the high would that affect things vs being on the south and west quadrant of the same high?>
  6. Does UK fog ever get as bad as Tule fog where things shut down when it gets thick enough at the right times?https://www.bakersfield.com/news/whos-calling-the-fog-delays/article_11988c9f-6dd3-56b1-a6c6-edcb1df37363.html (Use AdBlock plus) Here's a snippet: Weather delays, 2000-01 to present 23 Days of fog delays in greater Bakersfield* area. 102 Delays or closures due to ice, snow or fire in El Tejon School District. 30 Delays or closures for snow and ice in Tehachapi and fog delays in Belridge, both second most after El Tejon. 11 Days of widespread del
  7. In your part of the UK what causes school closures and is it like the US when it happens or do they do things differently when they do close over there? Also what's the most number of closures in one year?
  8. What was your worst scenarios of such a thing? There's a site here and he never has trouble with his power no matter how windy it is. What do you think is so different between him and you? Latest Diary 2020 at Llansadwrn, Anglesey, Wales WWW.LLANSADWRN-WX.INFO Llansadwrn weather diary 1998 - 2020
  9. How much of Birmingham shut down? Was it a total cluster trap like Portland after that kind of snow which the news goes to Troutdale to freak everyone out where trucks slide off of a certain I-84 overpass?
  10. Odd. The PNW had low level cold air that whole month too! One of the coldest modern stretches!
  11. Why would cold do it? You don't get as cold as here in Oregon! Wales rarely goes much below 0C.
  12. I'm surprised. The winds you get there would cause power outages by the tends of thousands here in the PNW sometimes hundreds if winds are around 50mph though lately they are able to cut the numbers back pretty quickly within the first half hour of the storm and only rural properties remain without power thru the night or next day if the storm is at night. We've in Aumsville never had more then a 3 hour cut storm related. They are pretty quick to get things up here despite our town being small on the map. The news tries to make it sound like our grid is from Africa or some 3rd world country b
  13. What do you think changed in Europe to not be like the PNW mass outages (which is also toned down).
  14. Also how do you turn on heat? Is it one of those awful 'smart' heaters or a knob of some sorts? Funny thing the house before ours also had a digital thermostat but it wasn't a smart heater. Digital thermostats started in the early 00s I think as our last house we bought in 2003 in Silverton. Smart heating came along much much later especially here in Oregon! We were the back of the pack.
  15. Do people in England have electric wall board heat? A lot of older housess out here in Oregon do especially rentals and they have a hard time keeping up when it goes into the mid 20s..In fact our house in Quincy California had wall board which we knew would be a piece of crap so right away installed propane heat which I explained in my last post and had a map of our old house there. It was a blue color then but now someone painted it a weird yellow!
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