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  1. I'm going to be honest, but I am scared of them too. But having joined and watching everyone talking about them has made me feel better
  2. Classic southern whining 😝 We're baking here too and with no proper thunderstorm!
  3. Enjoy! Had a look on the lightning map and there was about ten strikes all at once just south of Sheffield!
  4. At the southern end, it looks to be looping around Ripley (north of Derby) so the southern tip will go to Mansfield or Worksop
  5. Still flashing here, but haven't heard thunder in about 20 mins
  6. Same now in Nottingham, but according to the radar we should be getting just very light rain
  7. Consistent flashes here (I've decided they are flashes now), but they are quite faint and my window faces east so I can't see anything. Looks like Nottingham may escape the thunder for tonight but wow is it boiling hot!
  8. After being lively over Coventry, the storm approaching Nottinghamshire has weakened significantly. Going to have to look toward Stoke for any action!
  9. Hello, nowt yet in Nottingham. Maybe a few flashes but I can't tell 😞
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