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  1. Oh it did abit later on before finally moving away NE around 1am, never seen such intense and close lightning in the UK since my teenage years going back to the 90's. I'll admit the earlier were more photo/Video genic with clouds lightning up and cloud to air strikes, the 2nd wave was far too intense and close.
  2. Just seen a flash to my south west, must be CC and i heard no Thunder, there may be hope.
  3. The Brum storm seems to have gone devoid of lightning, on the other hand Shropshire is going nuts, and it'll miss us too and skirt up the west of us.
  4. I might get lucky and at least see some distant flashes towards Eccleshall as it rolls over Shropshire, the lightning seems to be focused left of Penkridge now.
  5. The main core of the Brum storm has turned slightly left and heading away, it looks like it'll heading towards Market Drayton.
  6. Shame i face due East, might have to go outside on the drive to look south over Stone, should be there soon if it's close to Stafford.
  7. Whether lighting maps, is on the blink or not i don't know but all activity has just stopped even over Wales, it recorded a strike just by Eccleshall but radar shows nothing there.
  8. Is it me or has the Brum storm developed another core? i'm thinking of the outflow from that baby starting new storms up. I've seen the rash of showers over Shropshire way, it'll probably just slide slightly past us in Stoke. I'm pinning my hopes on the Brum storm. 😁😁
  9. Very Muggy hear in Stoke-On-Trent, i'm watching the Birmingham storm on radar and lightning maps, hoping it'll continue heading north, there is a bit of a cool breeze here but the atmosphere still feels very heavy with a bit of cloud around probably from the Wales storm the cloud tops reaching 10km still on that according to satellite . I witnessed some towers going up earlier but they hit the strong cap and just flattened out, they did rebuild slightly higher but then flattened again and fizzled out, there was much disappointment to be had. I Hope the Brum storm is long lasting.
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