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  1. Just seen that on the storm thread. Anything forecast for our region tonight
  2. I agree conditions seemed almost perfect,forecasts looked promising and excitement levels were high. Unfortunately due to the wot on earth happened circumstances it didn't seem to happen for a lot of people. However it was good to see some good pics pity they weren't around here
  3. Plymouth area might get something soon as clouds on sat24 seem to be growing
  4. Hope your right but dont thing it will happen down in these parts but always hope
  5. After all the forecasts which looked good for here seemed to have gone a bit pete tong. I know it was only a risk do you think there is still a chance for Somerset or me or has the opportunity gone
  6. Is that game over not that it started. Bit of rain to keep the dust down.
  7. Is that game over!! Or are others on the way. Just rain here just stopped. Looks like something over Salisbury way but only on radar.
  8. Heard a few rumbles earlier but it all seems south of me. Still time for things to change but it looks all elevated
  9. Slight bit of rain but can here faint rumbles but I think it's all going to miss me
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