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  1. Hard to make out whether I'm in the firing line or not,probably not the stuff near Portsmouth area but maybe the stuff near brest might grow and electricfy. Who knows but a few should see a show of sorts at least
  2. About time too eh!!! Let's hope there is more to come tomorrow or wed
  3. Didn't get any rain here can still here faint rumbles,can hear a few sirens now. Not sure if anything else is on the away. Yeovil and sherborne and surrounds areas got pumbled
  4. Rumbles after rumbles here not raining here but someones copping it.
  5. Might be on it's way here hail and thunder a few mins ago clear now
  6. Not sure if its going to happen here either not sure where the cz is going to be
  7. Keep the updates coming mate,I might be able to at least see some flashes
  8. Let's just see what unfolds,after all we are just sumising what may or may not happen. Mother nature will do what she wants to do. Forecasts seem to suggest that storms will happen in various parts of the country but time will tell. Enjoy the chase
  9. Bone dry here it's all to the north of me. I did hear thunder when we were at noahs farm zoo this avo when it lashed down
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