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  1. Yep by brother further East in Southam says the same as you- seems to come in waves -letting up and then tap turns on again .Just this minute had two large rumbles and off we go again
  2. Yes TORRENTIAL rain here in Warwickshire for the last 45 minutes only 4-5 rumbles of thunder
  3. Yeah looks as if Warwickshire will get it for a few hours now
  4. Warwick/Leamington Spa : 1.15 am Storm just started thunder ,TORRENTIAL RAIN black as night -4th day in a row
  5. Somebody just tell me what it is about Warwick/Leamington Spa -third day in a row -torrential really torrential rain ,thunder ,lightning ,black as night for the last 45 minutes . Flash flooding in parts of Warwick
  6. You must be looking Warwickshire way -no sun here now -clouds darkening
  7. Almost continuous low level rumblings in Warwick/Leamington Spa now
  8. Yep -Warwick /Leamington Spa hopefully not going to get a third day !!
  9. Big rain drops just begun to pelt Warwick /Leamington -although the sun is shining and blue sky in parts
  10. Leamington /Warwick again -I'm under it -window shaking rumbles -dark
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