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  1. Just down the hill from you. This is the storm that just keeps on giving, lightning is far less frequent than round 1 though. Round 2 here but I'd say rather than overhead it is probably 1/2 way between Maidenhead and Wycombe.
  2. Your wording was fine. I could have taken some footage but being new to the site don't know to post it.
  3. No, too late now, but would ask (new to this site) if you have to use an image / video hosting site or can you directly upload here?
  4. Maidenhead here, I've never known anything like it. Multiple flashes, sometimes 3+ per second. Constant and I mean constant thunder now for about 30 minutes.
  5. Maidenhead, now. Proper proper storm overhead, insane rain, lovely and cool !
  6. That came over the top of us here in Maidenhead about an hour ago. Moderate thunder which oddly didn't show up on blitzorg. But it did deliver a gutter overwhelming quantity of rain, it was lovely. Sadly looks like it is fading now.
  7. Farnborough / Camberly area now on the radar. Looking South from here it is certainly bubbling up.
  8. Hello all, I'm brand new here and had no idea where to post my first post, so I chose this thread! Thank you for letting me join. I have a lot to learn about the science but have always been an avid observer of the weather and this recent spell has led me here and compelled me to join. I am located in Maidenhead in the Thames Valley, which is about 12 miles West of Heathrow and I swear if there was an official weather station here it would up there! It has been obscenely hot here for the last week or so with no respite, hardly any cloud, little to no rain and certainly no thunder.
  9. New here and have a lot to learn!

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      Old here and still have a lot to learn 😂 welcome


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