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  1. Daughter picked up the first rumble, then I caught the second and we both heard the third, then she saw the lightning, I didn’t as I was stuck behind a sofa at the time
  2. Been brewing a while, heard three quieter ones and seen two flashes
  3. I think the sky here in Southampton is just confused as thinks raining cats and dogs means cat shaped clouds
  4. .. travelled 90 miles and again no storm for me One rumble in soton.. and rain.. heavy but not torrential.. least it was louder than the distant stuff in bexhill the other week
  5. ..bright skies here on the Sussex Coast.. just one storm.. please?
  6. Rain in East Sussex has relented and sunk back down to drizzle, more dark clouds rolling in from the sea
  7. Raining here in bexhill after the wind picked up and I think I picked up one distant stunted rumble.
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