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  1. So far this is a repeat of last winter. Nothing much in the way of snow. The model threads straw clutching, or relying on SSW to give us a proper spell of below freezing weather with snow. You know it's going to be a poor winter when SSW get's mentioned in the model thread.
  2. I have no interest in windy weather, as it is not something you can actually see. It's like having someone throwing your garden furniture around but you can't see who it is. The worst bit of windy weather is having to rescue your wheely bin from where ever it has ended up. Nearly 100% certain it will be a snowless winter for most with just 3-weeks of winter left, and no sign of any snow storms.
  3. January 2018 had some higher daytime temps than this year for my location, but on average it was 1.3°C colder @4.5°C, than this year average 5.8°C. The end of February 2018 it did become very cold, so maybe we have to wait until end of Feb this year for some proper cold weather.
  4. I can't see any sign of proper prolonged winter weather. Time is running out, unless you want snow in the Spring. Halfway now through Winter and only had about 3 frosty mornings. I have said this before but all four seasons now have same dross weather. I have to holiday out of UK to get proper sun and warmth. Climate change is not happening in the UK. At least not in the summer when you want heat. (Unless you live in in a small part of London or the south east that records the hottest day for about 10 seconds)
  5. Just waiting for one of my customers systems operating on battery, charged by solar panels to tell me their system is not working. Forecast says this weekend and Monday will be sunny, so fingers crossed no callouts.
  6. Sunny and warm here too, and yet Shefali just before 7pm on Midlands today was wearing a thick Winter coat. I was still pottering about in the garden at 9pm in a t-shirt because it felt warm. It's 13°C here outdoors and 23°C indoors.
  7. This Winter did not go wrong. What did go wrong was people trying to predict the weather more than 7-days in advance, which is always mostly pie in the sky theories. Too many people hanging on to the long range Metoffice forecast, bellieving it to be gospel. SSW does not guarantee a cold spell. I experienced three snow events this winter, but they were only short term one day events, and probably only only because my job involves travel throughout the UK. But I am happy I have seen snow this winter. We are constantly reminded about global warming, so we are really
  8. Winter must be over now. Only the die hards still think there is hope of a proper cold spell. I have seen snow twice these last few weeks of winter, and that is good enough for me, even if it was less than an inch. The metoffice say the next 10 years will be the warmest in history, so on that note, roll on summer.
  9. Just as many members below and above freezing from day 6. It could go either way.
  10. No sign of any serious cold weather yet. Cold yes, but nothing out the ordinary.
  11. It can take weeks for SSW to take effect. Maybe 52! ? There is no guarantee of snow though. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/learning/wind/sudden-stratospheric-warming
  12. It's model and banter, as per the thread title. Correct
  13. I can remember the models showing solid snow events in 24/48 hours, and then completely going off track to be a non-event. When it comes to snow, nowcasting (look out the window!), is sometimes more accurate than forecasts or model watching, when it looks marginal.
  14. GFS and ECM more or less agree up to T240. At present no real cold on offer, and the Atlantic seems fired up, to give us Low after Low, and no sign of any blocking. A chance of some marginal and brief snow events GEFS ensembles long term outlook heading for milder temperatures, but that can of course change.
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