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  1. I was on Hampton Wick Station waiting for a train. Everyone else vanished!
  2. I was on Hampton Wick Station waiting for a train. Everyone else vanished!
  3. I remember this like it was yesterday. it had been very humid the night before and we were woken up at dawn by a moderate thunderstorm. But, it didn’t get any cooler. It fact it was really sticky. we lived about a 40 min bus ride from Heathrow. My dad went to work. And it started to get darker. And darker and darker. Then, in the distance you could hear sporadic booms. Not cracking like normal thunder or rolling, but a boom, twenty seconds, boom again. this went on for a while. My mother was petrified of thunderstorms, and wasn’t happy with the earlier one. I remember standing in the back garden looking at the sky. And it just kept getting darker and darker. Again, no lightning just boom. No lightning at this point at all. Then it started to rain quite hard. By this time it was almost twilight. It probably was between around 8.30-9.00am. Then all hell broke loose. it turned into a pretty nasty storm. It went on a long time. My mother went and hid under the coat rack at the bottom of the stairs, and although by then storms didn’t bother me, i went and sat on the stairs. After the big pre-amble i don’t remember it going on terribly long. But when it stopped the air had thankfully, cleared and the garden was full of hail stones about the size of large marbles. i was 18 at the time. That night myself and my (then) boyfriend went up to central London to have a meal with some of his friends. They were talking about the storm too. One of the girls had been caught out waiting for a bus and got soaked. The only other storm i remember, apart from the 87 hurricane, was a big one in West/North Yorkshire in the summer of 1990. I was stuck on York Station for five hours. That day in York was so humid you could scarcely breathe. We were all so packed in on York Station, no trains going in out or anywhere at all. The staff announced over the loud speaker that free tea, coffe and soft drinks were available. When i finally got on the train (all the Pantagraph electric wires were down at Doncaster) the storm raged all the way to Darlington. It began at around 5pm and was still raging when i got off the train, at around half ten, and bolted for my house in Northallerton in pouring rain. It was the overdue Edinburgh train and jammed pack. I looked out the window and ALL the fields were like lakes in the dark. No one seems to recall that one. i
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