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  1. That's quite depressing and very similar to last autumn where rainfall was well above average the entire Autumn. Those deep arctic plunges into North America can get stuffed.
  2. Interesting conversation this - todays mainstream music is dire. The attached image says it all for me - I only ever seem to hear one genre of music that the youth are listening to now - it's a hybrid of rap & R&B, it is utter dung and not worthy to be in the same category as Public Enemy or even bands like De La Soul.
  3. I've been thinking the same recently, these synoptics we're seeing right now hardly ever happen in winter anymore, I remember seeing similar ones in summer months over the years but never between Dec - Mar ๐Ÿ˜ž
  4. Its a travesty that this country still has BST, I have friends in Northern Spain who enjoy longer summer days than us despite being so much further south in latitude to us, I would change this in heartbeat if I could, increase day length so more leisure & sport can be played after school - thus less energy used lighting up our homes at 6pm (think about the waste of daylight around 4am when we're asleep in the summer). If the Scottish farmers wish to keep BST then that would be for Holyrood to decide. I would argue it's more dangerous driving home in the dark in wet weather after
  5. I am talking about South Wales specifically.
  6. In South Wales the winter of 1982 comes 3rd behind 1947 and 63 for extreme cold and snow depths, 2010 doesn't come close and that's a fact for that part of the world.
  7. Let's hope that we experiencing nothing like this again for a very long time
  8. The cold of 1982 no doubt lingered longer over the deep snowfields of South Wales than in London, I was off school for a month and cars in my neighbourhood (624ft asl) were buried for the entire time. One snowdrift in my garden reached the gutters beneath my roof so over 4m in depth - my elderly neighbours said they hadn't seen anything like it since 47 where apparently the drifts were even deeper and even buried locomotives. One lady now deceased said that people in my street dug snow corridors from door to door that were taller than them - the elderly were literally trapped inside were in no
  9. Best: 1982 this winter can hold it's own with 63, 47 in terms of snow depth and snow longevity and extreme temps - an extraordinary winter that I fear may never be repeated again now that the Azores High messes our weather patterns so much 1984 very snowy - lots of sledging 1987 1979 bitter cold right up through March 2010 - nice to see the UK completely blanketed Worst: 2019 / 2020 utter dross - I don't recall a sub -1c temp all winter 2018 / 2019 more dross Too many post 2012 1989 rubbish
  10. A max of 23.1 today following an overnight low of 16.1 - it's lovely out there in the sun.
  11. 20.9 here after an overnight low of 16.8, cloud cover 8/8 and humidity is at 81%. This time last week it was 10c hotter - i don't miss it, 23-25c is perfect for me. Just heard a distant rumble in the distance - radar showing a rapidly growing cell just to the south east of Barnet.
  12. Well the storm shield in my part of N London finally buckled last night at around 2300 - the rain was monsoon like for about 15 mins with repeated fork & sheet lightning visible for over an hour. The rain then lessened in intensity before fading out completely by 0030hrs. It was well worth the wait - hope for some more over the coming days.
  13. Exactly 18 right now with 87% humidity, overcast, the house is at last slowly cooling down after the 6 day furnace
  14. I share your frustration, hereโ€™s hoping that whatโ€™s heading over the channel right now delivers something later
  15. Everything is skirting to south and west of me again ๐Ÿ˜• at least the temperature is down to a lovely 23c though ๐Ÿ‘
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