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  1. You wouldnā€™t think it was September today. Itā€™s absolutely freezing at 6C right now šŸ¤Æ
  2. Itā€™s been blue skies and sunny all week. Today and tomorrow are the last days of the good weather.
  3. Looking unseasonably chilly next week. I would prefer that weather in October.
  4. Iā€™m loving this stunning weather. I do like a good September but I prefer a cool misty sunny October.
  5. The weatherā€™s looking stunning from Sunday and it keeps improving into later in the week as well. šŸ¤© Itā€™ll make a real change.
  6. The weather is looking up next week, especially in the south. Letā€™s just hope it doesnā€™t dissipate šŸ¤žā˜€ļø
  7. Although itā€™s been a cool weekend, because of how cool the summer has been it doesnā€™t feel any different to me other than the daylight hours. People saying it feels more autumnal now, it was like this in July šŸ˜‚
  8. The nights are drawing in quickly now but itā€™s still light evenings until 22 September. It still feels like summer (for now)
  9. September Iā€™d say is a mild/warm dominant month but with few extremes. Iā€™d say June is the most similar month to September but June gets hotter heatwaves. It has less daylight but still fairly light and most trees are still green throughout the month so it looks like summer but if you look hard enough you can see the autumnal fruits and all. September to me feels like a summer month when the weather is good and an autumn month when the weather is bad.
  10. Nice sunny morning with a blue sky today. Looks slightly warmer the next few days. Iā€™d say Summer 2020 has been a poor one. Cool and dull June and July. Only a couple of short heatwaves. The August heatwave was impressive but as soon as it ended it was abysmal for the rest of the month.
  11. Another cool cloudy spring/autumn like day 15C. Wasnā€™t as cold as Saturday though. It was that cold my ears were hurting. Felt surreal for summer.
  12. Never seen a frost in September but sometimes can occur in the first half of October but unusual. Late Oct - Mid Nov is most common.
  13. Very poor summer in the midlands. It doesnā€™t even look as if weā€™re going to get a warm sunny September to make up for that July šŸ™„
  14. Been a real mixed bag in Spring/Summer 2020 with a fantastic April and May. However, if weā€™re talking just summer, itā€™s been a poor one. A generally cool drizzly June and horribly cool dull (but dry) July. A hot first half of August but itā€™s cool and wet again now. One severe heatwave which lasts a week or two doesnā€™t constitute a good summer.
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