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  1. Today more normal temperatures, currently 21.0 °C, partially cloudy, but it was very cloudy and humid in the morning. Last days of September will be very fresh here Autumn will be protagonist in this third decade of Sep. in the NW of Italy, with moderate rain at first and then an important fall in temperatures.
  2. Also here these are days of "Indian Summer", maxima around 30 °C here and minima of 15.6 °C. This pattern will remain for all the second decade, we can hope for proper early-Autumn weather only in the third decade...
  3. Today typical early-September day, minima of 14.6 °C, maxima of 23.0 °C. Cloudy in the morning, sunnier with bright spells in the afternoon.
  4. Today minima of 17.1 °C, now 27.7 °C. Tomorrow and Thursday will be the last day of warm full-summer conditions here in the North-West, from Friday temperatures will drop for many parts of Central and Western Europe and temperatures will fall below average for the last days of August. Also September could start with cool temperatures, finally giving way to autumn.
  5. Today maxima of 31.9 °C, pretty disgusting. But from Sunday 23th temperatures will go down here, close to late August-average.
  6. Yesterday August 12th a very heavy thunderstorm hit my town. From a maxima of 31.8 °C, the temperature dropped to around 19 °C after the thunderstorm. Rain was very heavy, wind was also strong and there were also some damages. The rainfall was 35.6 mm, making the 12th of August the rainiest day of 2020. (rainiest day since 24th November 2019)
  7. Today minima of 13.3 °C, maxima of 30.3 °C. At least, in the next few days, the English will be good "heat-mates" for us here Sunday 9th is forecasted a maxima around 33 °C. P.S. Other fact: in Italy, after May 2019, only ONE month closed below the 1981-2010 average, this one is June 2020, closing at just -0.1 °C below this average.
  8. This night 4.6 mm of rain, now 21.5 °C, until Friday 7th or Saturday 8th no max >30° is forecasted.
  9. July 2020, Carmagnola, NW Italy Temperature Max Temp: 34.4 °C (31st) Min Temp: 13.4 °C (4th) Mean Max: 29.5 °C Mean Mix: 17.4 °C Rainfall Total: 37.2 mm Wettest day: 25.6 mm (3rd) Rainy day (>1 mm): 5 Sunshine No data, but it was moderately above average Overall it was slightly warmer (+0.3° to 1981-2010 average for the meteorological station of Physics Atmosphere of Turin), slightly drier and sunnier than average.
  10. Max of 31.6 °C, min of 18.5 °C. On the 31st of July and the 1st of August here we could reach 33 to 35 degrees.
  11. This morning a minima of just 13.4 °C, the lowest of this month (on tie with the 4th of this month, when the min was exactly the same). A dry month though this one, 38.6 mm until now.
  12. Also, in Palermo, since 1797, in July it NEVER happened to see so much rain in such a short amount of time. However, coming back to home, today was a warm and sunny day, maxima just below the 30s (29.8 °C), minima of 15.1 °C.
  13. Yes, Palermo received 80 to 120 mm of rain on the 15th of July. The average rainfall for July in Palermo is around 5 to 10 mm...
  14. Max of 25.2 °C, even slightly lower than yesterday. 1.6 mm of rain fallen on early-morning, monthly at 31.0 mm. Then remained through the day partially cloudy to cloudy and dry. Very good summer days in this period because I never had to suffer from hot.
  15. Today has been a cloudy but dry day. High min (19.7 °C) overshadowed by a low max (25.4 °C). Paradox: this 13th of July has both recorded the highest daily min and lowest daily max of this month! However until now the first decade of July has been warmer than average (but not exceptionally), but the second decade will probably be slightly cooler than average. We won't have very cool days, but temperatures will remain between average and slightly cool continuously (although a temp. ricover is previewed from the next week). A little curiousity: looking behind at June 2020, despite being a few decimals above average 1971-2000 and slightly below average 1981-2010, in some near places around where I live it was the coolest June since 1999. It was also a rainy month, the first significantly rainier than average month of 2020.
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