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    Weather photos

    photos I have taken on my mobile
  2. From the album: Weather photos

    1 of 3 saw this one from travis perkins in spalding about 3.30. this was the second of the day both was roughly in the same area but about an hour apart.
  3. From the album: Weather photos

    2 of 3, funnel has come and gone a couple of times but each time it seems to be stronger.
  4. From the album: Weather photos

    3 of 3, funnel lasted for about 20 min.
  5. From the album: Weather photos

    took this on the way home from work 4pm, had to take the pic on phone.
  6. Hope all goes according to plan Katie. I can remember that when her in doors was at the hospital with her Mum(it was the actual day that she was told she had terminal cancer and had about 8 weeks) that little man and I were at the beach playing with a plastic bottle in the waves and he was so happy, innocent and didin't have a care in the world- it was usch a special moment.
  7. On the 30th my son and I was walking the Macmillan Way, I have copied this from the diary on the day 30th DECEMBER RATLEY TO LONG COMPTON The 29th was Adams 10th birthday and we had pizza and went to the cinema. This was the first quiet day this Christmas and it was a great relief. We started early on 30th, slightly apprehensive as yet again another severe weather warning had been issued. The morning was to see a warm front crossing from the west, bringing snow followed by strong winds and heavy rain. As we left home it started snowing but thankfully by the time we got to Oundle it had turned to rain. We arrived at Ratley at 9.15am, with the weather changing we played safe and decided to carry overnight bags. We looked around the village, as it was the first time we had seen it in daylight, with the graveyard, houses around the pub on the small green, 2 nights before we did not know was there. We said our goodbyes and made our way up hill. In places the rain had frozen on the very cold ground leaving sheet ice! It cleared in the afternoon and we was walking in light blustery showers A photo from the morning!
  8. Flat land Andy

    8 Months...

    what a cutie! Glad that she is doing so well
  9. Been planting fence posts in Spalding today, the heat (humidity) has been hell. Sorry its been so long, but things have been busy. Little man has completed the Three peaks, this is a must read. When things start slowing down I will start posting more again.
  10. From the album: The three peaks in 24hr's

    Friday 9th June we travelled up to Dunfermline in Scotland where we stayed overnight before finishing the journey to Fort William on the moring of 10.06.06 for the start of the challenge.
  11. Flat land Andy

    The three peaks in 24hr's

    one 10yr old boy and his monkey climbing the 3peaks in 24hr. visit www.dodsonchallenges.co.uk
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