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    photos I have taken on my mobile
  2. Hope all goes according to plan Katie. I can remember that when her in doors was at the hospital with her Mum(it was the actual day that she was told she had terminal cancer and had about 8 weeks) that little man and I were at the beach playing with a plastic bottle in the waves and he was so happy, innocent and didin't have a care in the world- it was usch a special moment.
  3. On the 30th my son and I was walking the Macmillan Way, I have copied this from the diary on the day 30th DECEMBER RATLEY TO LONG COMPTON The 29th was Adams 10th birthday and we had pizza and went to the cinema. This was the first quiet day this Christmas and it was a great relief. We started early on 30th, slightly apprehensive as yet again another severe weather warning had been issued. The morning was to see a warm front crossing from the west, bringing snow followed by strong winds and heavy rain. As we left home it started snowing but thankfully by the time we got to Oundle it had turned to rain. We arrived at Ratley at 9.15am, with the weather changing we played safe and decided to carry overnight bags. We looked around the village, as it was the first time we had seen it in daylight, with the graveyard, houses around the pub on the small green, 2 nights before we did not know was there. We said our goodbyes and made our way up hill. In places the rain had frozen on the very cold ground leaving sheet ice! It cleared in the afternoon and we was walking in light blustery showers A photo from the morning!
  4. Flat land Andy

    8 Months...

    what a cutie! Glad that she is doing so well
  5. Been planting fence posts in Spalding today, the heat (humidity) has been hell. Sorry its been so long, but things have been busy. Little man has completed the Three peaks, this is a must read. When things start slowing down I will start posting more again.
  6. Flat land Andy

    The three peaks in 24hr's

    one 10yr old boy and his monkey climbing the 3peaks in 24hr. visit www.dodsonchallenges.co.uk
  7. Oh my god! How on earth did you all cope! This must be any parents worst nightmare. Thankfully she is now well, but please give her a big hug from me & Mrs D and be assured that you are all in our thoughts.
  8. She is such a cutie!
  9. Friday night always follows the same routine, finish work chill out for an hour or two, then when the supermarket has quietened down we do our weekly shop. This means we normally get home at about 7.30 pm. Because of the late hour and it being Friday we treat ourselves. Last Friday was pizza and garlic bread Friday. After preparing the feast I divided it equally leaving the two hard ends of the garlic bread on the chopping broad on the kitchen side. The meal was consumed in front of the TV where we watched “Just the two of us”. After we’d finished tea, Adam drifted off upstairs and Sarah drifted off in the chair, I continued to watch TV. A short while later I become aware of a noise coming from the kitchen. This is not uncommon because our cat can often be heard in the kitchen. After about 20 minuets I realised that the cat was a sleep on Sarah's lap and I could still hear the noise coming from the kitchen. I got out of my chair very quietly, a challenge because it’s a squeaky swivelling rocking chair and tiptoed to the kitchen door. Peering around the corner at first and then slowly creeping my way to where I thought the noise was coming from, I found nothing. I continued to have a good look around but I could not find a thing. Intrigued I made my way back to my chair. Yet again after a short while the noises returned. This time I decided on surprise, so I dived out of the chair and ran into the kitchen, again nothing. But on closer investigation I realised the chopping broad, which should still have, two garlic bread ends on it no longer did. One lay there lifeless, but one was definitely missing. I carefully examined the side first checking behind the utensils pot and then the oils and finally the spice rack, but nothing. At this point I noticed to the right of the spice rack jammed in between the cooker and the side the missing garlic crust. I pulled out the crust, which had been firmly jammed in place, holding it between two fingers I turned it round so I could examine it closely. At this point I noticed the familiar signs that we now had a new lodger. As before when the weather turns cold we are usually visited by a mouse, and as like in-laws they never want to leave. So we now have to go down the road of first humanely and then a violent removal of said intruder. I will keep everyone posted on our progress. P.S. cat for sale will swap for mousetrap!
  10. Good luck trying to read this. Appeared in Friday 24th February's paper. This is the 3rd and final story that a local reporter completed regarding Adam's walk of the Macmillan Way. Have only had 1 response from the 3 articles. <_< Bit disappointing really but if people just sit up and think about the good work that Macmillan Cancer Relief do then at least it will have achieved something. The local paper have said that they will run another story when Adam is about to embark on the 3 national peaks in 24hrs.
  11. Have had a nice quite weekend at home and it has made be very pleasant. Oh well back to work tomorrow at least the weather is going to make things interesting this week. Sorted out the bag for the lorry, clothes, food, cooker (gas stove), sleeping bag plus the other odd bits I might need to spend the night in the cab. The lorry only being a baby its not designed for over night stops, the weather for the beginning of the week does not seem to bad so hopefully I will not need it. I am working in Lincolnshire next week and we might catch a shower as they pace down the East Coast. Wifey sorting the things she needs for the car as well. Adam (number one son) is spending 3 days on a school trip this week so we are going to have a nice brake in the middle of the week, he’s have a geography field trip, 31 ten year olds in a field by a river, how would be a teacher! Finished the walk last week end and fund raising is going farley well £1600 so far and we still need to get the sponsorship forms back in. We have been contacted by a national magazine how wants to print the story. So hopefully this will fall right to promote the three-peak challenge. Finished down loading the photos into the Macmillan Way album and have updated the diary on the web site as well Time to go, hopefully now we have finished the walk I will have more time to post more blogs. Macmillan way albumwww.dodsonchallenges.co.uk
  12. A 10yr olds walk of the Macmillan Way raising money for Macmillan Cancer Relief. Click on any photo to enlarge it.
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