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  1. Lovely start to the day and my holiday, sat in the garden having a late breakfast with fairly clear skies and the thermometer reading 23c. Once the grass has dried a bit more, I'll get the mower out and then do some garden work for the rest of the day...make hay while the sun shines!
  2. If that wind would just die down it would be a decent day here even though the cloud hasn't melted away as I thought it would. Temperature sitting between 22/23c and gusts between 2 and 9km/hr. At least it's dry I suppose. Spoke to a client earlier who is down near Laurencekirk and he had wall to wall sunshine, and it does look to be brighter to the south. Oh well, it'll soon be gin o'clock and I'll be on holiday for the next two weeks so fingers crossed for decent weather in that time.
  3. Beautiful start to the day with a bit of patchy cloud and temperature of 23c being recorded on my pws. Shame I’ll be at my desk for most of the day, might need to take the laptop outside for part of it.
  4. They look delicious! I've not been brave enough to plant fruit trees but I may attempt to plant one over winter for next year. It was gorgeous this morning when I got up but lots of cloud cover now. Still reasonably warm however at 21c
  5. Thoroughly miserable day here, stayed around 13c for pretty much the entire day. Ended up putting the heating on which is a downside to working from home but the dogs appreciated it when they came back from their walk wetter than if they'd been in the bath. Temperature now sitting at 17.3c which will no doubt make for an uncomfortable sleep tonight.
  6. @Northernlights I don't think any of my clients will have been out making hay today on Deeside, though yesterday's heat will have helped the spring barley get closer to being ready for spraying off. It's been raining on and off all day and I don't think the forecast is much better for tomorrow. I think seeing the crops growing is one of the few things I've really missed with not doing a daily commute since the end of March. However I have loved hearing the mowers/choppers going as farmers near by have been out taking a second cut of silage over the last couple of weeks.
  7. I've been using WeatherPro by Meteo group, the folk providing BBC's weather, for a number of years now as it always seemed to be the most accurate. Not sure that's still the case. They've removed a couple of features from it that I liked e.g. the European ski snow reports, either that or they've hidden them so far in the app that I can't find them.
  8. Riders on the Storm by the Doors courtesy of a rain & storms playlist posted up the wife of a member
  9. Thanks for sharing that playlist, some decent tracks on there. Fell asleep listening to it last night and will continue listening today. Woke this morning to blue skies when I let the dogs out at 8am though it had obviously stopped raining not long before. Fairly decent temperature on my window thermometer showing 19c but it's clouded over again and getting duller by the minute and according to the radar, a shower of rain is on the way. Glad I got the grass cut last night!
  10. Is anyone else disappointed in today's weather? Wind has picked up here, mainly cloudy with slight hints of blue sky, currently 20c and ok for sitting outside to eat my dinner but definitely not the day I thought it was going to be. Only plus has been being able to sit at my desk (dining room table) with the patio doors open behind me. It was reasonable when I nipped out to the shops at lunchtime but certainly didn't develop into the kind of day I thought it would.
  11. Please let that be the case, I'm on holiday for a fortnight from the 7th! Tonight's dilemma...as a woman of a certain age, do I turn the heating off and put the fan on in my bedroom in anticipation of the temperature rising overnight? It certainly can't be any colder tonight than it was last night. I will be very glad to say goodbye to July 2020.
  12. The sun is breaking through and the washing is out on the line, about the best I can say about today! 16c isn't what you'd expect on Deeside in late July
  13. What a dismal day it’s been. It’s rained from since before I got up this morning and still raining now. Both dogs have point blank refused to go out today except for very necessary visits to the garden for the briefest time possible - mini schnauzers are most definitely fair weather dogs.
  14. It’s been a lovely day in Banchory today, especially once the wind died down. High of 21c and lovely view of the moon rising late afternoon. After yesterday’s torrential downpours, I was surprised that the paths through the woods where I walk my dogs were surprisingly dry.
  15. Strange colour to the clouds at sunset earlier, apologies if photo doesn’t show properly.
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