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  1. This was on Blitzortung, maybe they’ve altered the filter or something because it’s not normally this over-dramatic
  2. Seems to be an awful lot of false returns this evening over the channel and near the south coast, anyone any idea why?
  3. Plonked myself on a hill near Guildford that overlooks London, can see the occasional flash off the mid-London line but not much electrical activity
  4. Interestingly it’s just showing up on Lightningmaps.org, Blitzortung is still denying it’s existence. Found it’s struggled quite a lot recently when before it was on point
  5. Rain eased off here now, a strange stillness has returned. Feeling very humid again
  6. Aah so you’re the guy that half-inched my log book for the reference number 😂
  7. Shot gun thunder and CG lightning spotted off that Epsom cell in Effingham. Best boom all day!
  8. This has just popped up over Reigate, incredibly fast development so don’t think its over for tonight yet!
  9. Those who have got eyes on the channel storm, hows the lightning comparing to what’s being shown on Lightningmaps? I’m debating whether to jump into the car and head south or not so any nudges would be helpful!
  10. Well she doesn’t seem dead yet, nice to see a few strikes on the leading edge of the channel storm. We can hope 🤞
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